Minute Man Hostas

Sainte Genevieve, MO

It is me...again! I did not have all of these problems last year. I have no idea what has gone so wrong this year. Everything looked beautiful until early to mid-June. This problem is mainly with my Minuteman hostas. They start out perfect, but then get dried out, brown, thin edges that eventually disappear; some leaves then get yellow, mushy, and limp. I had one last MM hosta that was just beautiful but now it is getting rust spots as pictured in #5. Someone told me it was because we had no Spring here in Missouri; we went from frost to 85-90 degree heat within a month. I did protect my plants from the frost; I do have out slug control. We were in a severe drought last summer/fall. One thing I have to mention is that we DO have a huge squirrel problem. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I just retired not long ago and gardening was supposed to be a relaxing hobby - but it has become more and more frustrating.

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