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Whatís Going On?

San Antonio, TX, United States

Hi, Iíve grown some elephant ears in the past, but I noticed this newly purchased one is doing something Iíve never encountered before. What are those long things hanging down from the pot? They donít look like roots, but they donít look like new growth (plantlets) either. Is this one of the ways that this elephant ear spreads (runs)?

Thumbnail by GardnHavn Thumbnail by GardnHavn
Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

They are offsets that will develop into new plants. Let them touch soil and you will soon see a new plant come up. Even in air they should develop new plantlets except they won't get very big.

San Antonio, TX, United States

Thank you for the info. Iíll have to keep this one in a large pot because Iím not looking for it spread out all over the p,ace.

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