Fungi Expert Needed

Montreal, Canada

Hi Everyone. This is my first post.
I have read everything I think available on the internet about black spot and other fungi. I've tried baking soda and neem oil. mulch, pruning, keeping soil dry, good circulation. But my whole land has something or many things. The sunflowers and the blueberries seem to have the same black on their steam, but when I research I find out sunflowers get Phoma and blueberries get Gloeosporium minus. Do I have both or is it something else??? The grapes got black spot on leaves and steams so back the vine had to be destroyed. I have black spot, I have white spot, I have rust, early blight. I'm at a lose here. I've never had such an issue with my plants. it seems like anything i plant here gets some type of fungi within a week of planting outside.

I don't want to spray fungicide. because 1. i don't want to use fungicide. but also the root of issue is clearly not going to be resolved by fungicide.

I need to find out what were this is coming from and how do I treat the root cause. is it in the soil? I suspect a near by tree which is clearly ill and it's leaves are spreading this to my soil.

Advice, direction, good books on the issue. Good websites to help identify which fungi is which? How can i have every disease possible?

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