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Finding their roots?

Gloucestershire , United Kingdom

Hi everyone,

I have zero gardening knowledge but i will give u a quick insight to what I've done, i recently cut in a border, dug up the turf, forked the soil & removed all the stones and roots, planted a variety of plants that were good for full sunlight and thrive in any soil, i planted them with a multi purpose compost but the trouble now is they are a week old and look like they are dying! Some leaves are turning brown, some heads are wilting & drying up. Are these plants just establishing themselves or could it be the heat? I dont think im over watering them but any advice would be hugely appreciated! Thank you all

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Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Big sigh. Not your fault exactly, but it is a common practice of nurseries and people who frequent them to buy a plant that is flowering and transplant it. The nurseries are forcing plants to flower with lots of tlc and constant care. When you bought the plant, it was sent into double shock...no more tlc and fertilizer dribbles and trying to support a bloom and grow roots to boot. Then the sun is no longer indirect and poor plant is in trouble. For the leaves you can check on ' diference between chlorosis and overwatering' and get a very good tutorial.
You placed the tender plants next to a fence- no air and with a backdrop of fence that will double their heat. Many cities here in the USA do have plants that were not raised as nursery plants and are tougher than the nursery stock. I wish you luck, and more, and if they do die, a planting guide to be able to get maximum health from planting at proper times. P.S. if you wish to give thema chance you might deadhead the flowers so the plant can put growth where it is needed with less strain.

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