what\'s wrong with my euphorbia?

Menlo Park, CA

very hot in l.a.

2 arms of this giant euphorbia (ingens i believe) suddenly crumpled.

what's up? thanks,


Thumbnail by jonnyss
Menlo Park, CA

here's a second photo

Thumbnail by jonnyss
Menlo Park, CA

here's a 3rd photo

Thumbnail by jonnyss
Decatur, GA

Wondering what has happened to your plant. I might guess the arms that fell over may have just gotten heavy and their own weight caused them to fall over.
Let me know.

(Zone 9b)

I agree. Especially if you can see no areas of rot. I have seen this happen to a few huge Euphorbia ammak var. variegata around here including mine.

This great article on columnar Euphorbia trees by Geoff Stein says "Euphorbia ingens- this is the big daddy of them all, growing well over 30' and forming huge, towering trees with immense, often collapsing branches that weigh hundreds of pounds each."

I had no idea before reading this article that there were so many species of columnar Euphorbia trees in the world. So cool!


(Zone 9b)

PS I meant to add that I love your euphorbia! Lucky you!

Just in case you do not know - Beware of its milky sap though if a limb breaks off. It can cause skin rashes and if you rub your eyes it can do damage. Wear goggles if trimming.

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