SOLVED: Vine ID Please

Yumbo, Colombia

This vine has invaded my gardens in Colombia and is covering everything. I wonder if it's an invasive alien and what it is.

Thumbnail by PitterCol
Yumbo, Colombia

Here is the flower. Some kind of potato vine?

Thumbnail by PitterCol
San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

Maybe a Colombian species of Ipomoea (Morning Glory) like trifida.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

LOL I found that page too. Sure looks like Ipomoea trifida.
Picture from

Thumbnail by Kell
Yumbo, Colombia

Thank you for those leads. The author of that page is a hobbiest nature photographer like my self. Here is another link:

If you look at the map it seems I. batatas is the most likely culprit but I.trifida is possible.

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