New hydrangea division/pruning question

Pinckney, MI

Hi, I just bought 2 hydrangeas thru an online nursery. They both were in quart containers and very rootbound. I don't see any signs of flowering so I guess they are too young and it's probably too late in the season for them to bloom at this point. One is Let's Dance Blue Jangles and the other is Cityline Rio. Both are compact macrophyllas. Both have a LOT of branches and leaves. Should I cut them back now or leave them be? If I cut them back I can use the cuttings and root them and hopefully they will make it thru the winter if I do it now. I want these to be healthy and have a nice shape and not be so bushy the blooms will be laying in the dirt. Attached are pics of both. Any advice would be great. This is my first season growing hydrangeas and I am desperately excited to eventually have blooms without killing them beforehand!

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