Hosta Pest?

Sainte Genevieve, MO

I found this beetle(?) in a beer trap that I set out for slugs & snails. The trap was placed under a hosta that has started getting holes & ragged edges. What exactly is this? Is it a reason for concern? Should I be looking for more of them? Should I be treating with something other than the beer traps?

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Oxdrift, Canada

Just read your three threads and I'm sorry to say I don't have any good answers for you. I am a Hosta lover and have had a lot of successes and some disappointments. I do find some varieties are way more to susceptible to pests than others. I have far too many plants to spend a lot of time on trying to eradicate slugs so I try to expand on the varieties that are less susceptible. It probably won't do a lot of good for me to suggest varieties for you as our climates and soil conditions are very different. I might suggest trying a lot of different varieties and then concentrate on dividing the successful ones to increase your numbers. An example of one that has been very good for me is Sagae. It took a lot of years to get established but it has gotten huge and never gets slug eaten when others right beside it are just full of holes. The first picture below is Sagae and the other is a shot of a few different varieties in my Japanese garden.
I don't know how much help this has been but I share your frustration in how little response you get to threads you post on this site

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