Wanted: Crystalline Iceplant Seeds (Bulk)

Houston, TX


My first post here, but I'm running into a heck of a problem finding large quantities of lesser-known seeds. These are edible, and I'd love to grow them for my business, as I think some of my chefs would absolutely love them. However, I can't find anything other than small seed packets! As a microgreens business, that won't really work for me - Does anyone have or know of someone who may sell bulk quantities of this seed? I'd be incredibly grateful for the assistance, thank you!

San Diego, CA

First of all, welcome to the DG family!! Now, to make sure we're thinking of the same plant... Is the botanical name of the plant your searching for Mesembryanthemum crystallinum? Because this particular succulent can tolerate salty soils and can actually take up some as well. This is a feature that lends this plant to cooking without a need to season with salt. I believe, if we're talking about the same plant, it's used in parts of Africa as a substitute for spinach. Does this sound like your plant? Once we have that established, then folks might be able to help you out further.

San Diego, CA

I'm back after doing a quick scan of my resources...

And, if we're talking about the same plant, then you may want to check out the following link: https://www.restorationseeds.com/products/ice-plant

They sell bulk quantities of 3000 seeds for $27.00. If you need more than that, I'm sure they could help figure something out for you.

Hope you find this useful!!

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