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SOLVED: What on earth is this plant please??


This has been growing in one of our flowerbeds for around 5 or 6 years. Always a single leaf and usually not as large as this. I'm intrigued by it. Please can someone identify it for me? Thank you!!!!

Thumbnail by Terri1948 Thumbnail by Terri1948
San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

It's a species of Trillium or wakerobin. There are several possibilities as to species because this plant was most likely purchased at a local garden centre or online. They are native to temperate North America and Asia.


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Thank you so much vanillaman. My husband always wanted a Trillium but said we have no place to plant one. Obviously it likes that area among the ferns. He is so pleased.

San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica(Zone 12b)

You are very welcome Terri. However, I suggest you look around for another plant to keep that one company. It looks like there's room there somewhere for 1 or 2 more lol! After 5 or 6 years, this plant should have flowered, even though they can be challenging to grow. In addition to trying another plant, I would fertilize it a couple of times this season to try to force it to flower. Try a high phosphorus fertilizer, something like 15-30-15 or whatever you have or can find and follow the directions.

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