Bugs, Mineral Deficiency, or Light? White Dictamnus Leaves

Chicago, IL

Dictamnus albus "Albiflorus" leaves turn white every summer. Leaves emerge healthy green in Spring and plant flowers normally, after which leaves develop this problem about the middle of July. Three year old plant. Zone 5; heavy clay soil amended with humus. Fed commercial 10-50-10 before flowering and epsom salts after problem appeared. No signs of insects visible to naked eye. Sprayed regularly with antifungal and insecticide. Leaf margins NOT discolored and leaves do NOT curl. I'm a novice but it appears the chlorophyll is breaking down. All other plants in garden unaffected. Grown in partial shade; neighbor's oak tree shades it from mid-day sun. Would undoubtedly do better in full sun, but another dictamnus planted in same location before driveway repair never developed this. I'm uploading two photos. Thank you all for any help or advice.

Thumbnail by pixillated2001 Thumbnail by pixillated2001

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