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Can anyone suggest some plants for my garden?

Mississauga, Canada

I am a person who is interested in gardening. When we moved to Mississauga we got a house with a garden space. I bought some plants from the nursery. Building, planting and maintaining a garden seems to be expensive. So I believe, the products that we use to set the garden must be qualitative and cost-effective. I usually select the best quality products for my garden. I was thinking for a month to introduce a landscape in my garden. So last week, I visited a commercial landscape service in Mississauga (https://peellandscapedepot.com/commercial-landscaping/ ) and discussed my ideas. Now, the landscape is ready.
Introducing a landscape is a good idea to improve the beauty of our garden. Before setting the landscape, I had collected some information about it. An attractive and functional landscape is a refreshing visual. If we are thinking commercially, I can say that landscaping increases property value. The best part is that we can be a landscape designer for our garden. I was searching for some tips to improve my outdoors for a long time. Last month, I visited my friend's new house. They have arranged a landscape in their garden. I got an idea of the landscape from them. I am satisfied with landscape designs. Now I need to know about the varieties of plants that can be grown in the landscape. Can anyone suggest some plants?

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Arlington Heights, IL

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Arlington Heights, IL

You can have some veggie plants. If you are in an apartment or any other individual house. You can have a garden with veggie plants which can resist without water. So, when you forget to water the plant or if you run out of water, it could without with strong stamina. Always plants something which yields us with good healthy food. Gardening is not only a hobby, it can be a mind therapy. You will love it!!!

Stroudsburg, PA(Zone 6a)

I really don't understand what you mean by introducing a landscape into your garden. Do you connote "landscaping" with ornamentals and "gardening" with vegetables? So you want to make your vegetable patch prettier? Explain what exactly you are trying to do....

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