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Royal Poinciana germination

Tamesis, Antioquia, Colombia(Zone 12a)

Hi all.
I puchased some seeds of this tree (Delonix regia) locally known as "Acacia Roja".
I think it is a beautiful flowering tree and I would like to add several to our property.
Here is my question:
On the pre-germinating treatment they suggest to sand, "boil for 15 minutes" (???) and soak for 24hrs.
Won't boiling the seed will "kill" it?

I've never heard this before.
All comments and shared experience appreciated.

Thumbnail by sevseasail
Tamesis, Antioquia, Colombia(Zone 12a)

Well....I talked to a local guy who worked at a commercial nursery and he confirmed that it is in fact what they do. He did not know why though; I guess he just follow orders...

Thank you!!

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