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Pruning okra

Heber Springs, AR

How do I tell which leaf branches will produce okra and which won't? Some have what appear to be leaves starting between branch and stalk. Some have starts part way up leaf branch stem. I would like to prune more but don't want to prune a pod producer. New to gardening and want to learn all I can about okra.

Mesquite, TX

Typically, you don't prune okra plants although I'm sure at some point, someone has done it. I grew okra for years in a not very large but very well producing home garden and quite honestly, made enough okra that not only did I get tired of picking and eating it but the neighbors starting hiding every time they saw me coming with another bag of the stuff.
I guess my question would be what would be your reason for wanting to prune the plants and where did you get the idea to do so? I assume that you're wanting to increase your harvest but in some sense, okra is one of those plants that usually produces well on its own until the weather starts to cool down and the blooms can no longer pollinate successfully.
Not being rude, just curious...

Barrington, NH(Zone 5a)

No need to prune Okra.

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