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Rookie Tomato Plant Question

Danvers, MA(Zone 6a)

When you have a tomato plant in a pot like this, with the watering tray on the bottom, are you just supposed to fill up the bottom of the tray every morning?


Thumbnail by slade8200
Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

No, you should water it from the surface. The tray will collect the excess water that drains out to keep the plant from getting waterlogged.

Danvers, MA(Zone 6a)

OK. I only ask because there's a sticker on the pot that says water only thru the bottom.

Mesquite, TX

I agree with the previous poster's advice but note that when you water from the top, water the soil only (as much as possible anyway) as opposed to holding your watering can or hose above the plant and wetting down the plant and everything else all the way down to ground level. This helps keep down disease issues.

Danvers, MA(Zone 6a)

When should I be picking these? When they get red?

Thumbnail by slade8200 Thumbnail by slade8200 Thumbnail by slade8200
Mesquite, TX

Actually the best time to pick tomatoes is just a day or so before they turn completely red. Once the skin starts to blush a heavy pink/red, they're ready to go. Tomatoes continue to ripen quickly when placed on a brightly open counter or windowsill so unless you're going to eat them asap, i.e.: practically straight off the bush, you'll have ripening tomatoes to enjoy for a longer period.

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