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Siphonochilus species

Brooklyn, NY

Hello, I have developed an interest in collecting ginger species and Siphonochilus has been a big interest of mine. Does anyone know any resources or any means in attaining such?

I have S. Aethiopicus, S. Kirkii and S. Decora. Anyone know of S. Brachystemon, Nigericus and Longitubus?


Gainesville, FL

I used to grow a couple of Siphonochilus but they were lost sometime over the last 7 years. I think I bought mine at Aloha Tropicals back in the way- way-back when he was still a good business, later it went kind of downhill. I never see these locally. I am sure there are online sources.

Brooklyn, NY

Well I have Siphonochilus Aethiopicus, Kirkii and Decora but looking for others. Thanks for the insight.

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