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Where are all the tropicals growers?

Gainesville, FL

I had to leave Dave's Garden in about 2011 because I had to basically abandon my gardening hobby to take care of some significant family related issues. I recently returned to DG (and to my gardening hobby) and it seems like there is no one posting any more. Are there any folks out there still dedicated to collecting and growing tropical plants? I am just going to start posting photos of mine. Maybe it will generate some discussion. I have decided to reclaim my space, which I had neglected for years. I lost a lot of plants to neglect. But over the last few weeks, I have been able to re-establish my space. Cleaned it up. Started watering every day and fertilizing weekly. Things I thought were lost are slowing coming back. I think many things just went dormant. Some things definitely died. But I am finding things every day! This is something that made it through my neglect....a big honking Anthurium spectabile, growing in a 35 gallon pot. It had a lot of seedlings around the base that had dropped off of a bloom and rooted. I removed about 15 and placed them all in little sphagnum baskets. They are growing well. The leaves on this mature plant are about 4 or so feet long.

Thumbnail by gothqueen

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