May I join you?

Gainesville, FL

I have been posting on the Tropicals and Tender Perennials forum, but there does not seem to be more than maybe 3 members posting over there. SO can I hang out here? I am not living in a tropical zone (I live in zone 9a in Florida) but I collect and grow tropical plants which I house in a large greenhouse. I was a member of DG a long time ago, dropped off in 2011, and am back but having trouble finding anyone with the same plant interests even on the Florida Gardening forum. So may I hang out here with you? This is an example of what I like to grow....Anthurium spectacle. In a 35 gallon pot, about 10+ years old.

Thumbnail by gothqueen
Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Guess this forum is not very active either. Sad, DG used to be the place to be for gardeners. ~ Let my subscription lapse a few yrs ago, thinking about coming back.

~ Leesburg zone 9a

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