Got wrong plant. What would you do?

Phelan, CA

I ordered a Crassula 'Whirly Bird' on ebay. First pic is the pic posted on ebay. I wanted this plant because I didn't have it, and liked its looks.

Well, second pic is the plant I received. I found out through research that the plant I wanted is actually Senecio jacobsenii. Why all the common names? This is what causes mix-ups like this. Isn't this false advertising? I contacted the seller, with pics, to see if they make it right. I'm very upset.

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Gainesville, FL

Yes I have had this happen. I ordered some palm trees from a place in Hawaii (reputable palm nursery been in business for years) about 8 years ago. They carry very rare palms. I ordered a Darian palm among others. I received an Insignis palm instead of the Darian. Same genus, different species, totally different frond form. I notified the nursery and they refused to send me a Darian palm because the shipping would be too expensive for them to make it right. I NEVER ordered plants from them again. As to eBay, many sellers do not know what they are selling. I was looking on there the other day at aroids, because I collect them. A seller was selling an anthurium he had labeled as 'Anthurium Ace of Spades....Anthurium Regale! RARE' which is true, Anthurium 'Ace of Spades' and Anthurium regale are both rare but they are NOT the same plant. Someone of another forum (not DG) recently posted that he ordered some really cool plumerias from a vendor on eBay that is from Thailand. Supposed to have been deep red/magenta coloration, it bloomed and was a common yellow. Its very irritating when this happens. I am sorry it happened to you

San Diego, CA

Howdy and welcome to the DG Family!!!

I'm a Southern Californian and I actually have a few plugs/starts of the Senecio jacobsenii you want; I used to grow young plants for a farmers market business. If you click on my userID and then, (in the window that opens) click on "Send allwaysgrowing a D-Mail", you can privately give me an address that I can mail some young plants to... no strings attached.

Hope this offer helps to erase the resulted disappointment from someone else's poor business sense. By the way, here's a photo of what my young plants look like. With less water and more direct sun, they become tinged with purple tones, as seen here. And, you can always prune them back if they get too long for your needs. (The other colorful plants are young Crassula 'Hummel's Sunset').

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Gainesville, FL

alwaysgrowing you have a very big heart to offer that to Rackinrocky!

San Diego, CA

gothqueen Thank you for your kind sentiment. But, the way I see it, you can't spell "COMMUNITY" without "U" "N" "I" (word play on "you and I"). There's not nearly enough empathy in the world so, why not start with me???!

My attitude is summed up in a garden art piece I posted here years ago.... The caption of my photo is, "Would you please accept this humble offering?"

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(Zone 9b)

Your plants look great, allwaysgrowing. Would you tell me the name of the so colorful jade plants next to the Senecio jacobsenii? I bet you garden is full of color!

Gainesville, FL

That's a beautiful planting. I used to grow some succulents when I lived in CA. Not so much here in FL. I have some epiphytic jungle cacti but that's about it. I'm more of a tropicals girl. I love the look of succulent gardens though.

San Diego, CA

Hey Kell!! Thanks or dropping in! The colorful one is correctly ID'ed as Crassula 'Hummel's Sunset'. But, you may also find it labeled as just Crassula 'Sunset' (sometimes even as "The Sunset Crassula"). People newer to the world of succulents think that because it presents more yellow coloration that it's not the same as the old cultivar 'Hummel's Sunset'. Thing is, for it to display significantly more vivid red tones, the plant has to be pot-bound in old, nutrient deficient soil and be exposed to a full day of bright direct sun. As the seasons change, these can display various luscious hues of green, yellow, orange, pink, & red.

San Diego, CA

Gothqueen Thanks for the kind words! I understand about the "no succulents in Florida" situation. It's too wet and humid for the slightly-dryer and even more arid succulents, unfortunately. A lady who was really adamant about growing Echeveria asked me what she could do for her potted plants. As much as I wanted to help her, I had to let her down easy. But, you say you like tropicals? Would you be interested in a Hoya cinnamomifolia or a Hoya carnosa forma compacta? I think I have an extra of each. As with the other newbie, no charge. Consider the gesture as my "welcome to DG". Here are a few pictures...

And, of course you'd need to D-mail me privately to share a mailing address for the package.

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Gainesville, FL

Oh I'm not a newbie LOL. I left DG in I think 2011 because I had to deal with a lot of family stuff. My plant hobby fell into neglect unfortunately. But this year I have begun to try and repair the damage of that neglect. Reclaiming my greenhouse, revamping,rebuilding, repotting, propagating, generally just whipping it back into shape. I resubscribed to DG on a whim but I have to say I have been disappointed. No one posts on any of the forums I used to hang out on. Some had not had posts since 2016-2017. Tropical plants, Florida Gardening, Specialty Gardening, Water Gardening, Vines and Climbers and others, no one has posted for years and no one is posting now. Its very disappointing, this used to be such and active vibrant site. It seems the only person adding to plant files is Kell! I used to follow this forum because I did grow some Euphorbias, Haworthias and Stapelias. I don't have many of those left. It seems like the only forums that people are actually posting on related to vegetable gardens, recipes and 'How was your day'? I appreciate your kind offer. It isn't necessary...but it was very appreciated to be welcomed back.

San Diego, CA

gothqueen Woops! I just very recently came back after a 2-3 year hiatus, myself. I guess newer services have taken their toll on DG's membership & usage. Facebook, instagram, and twitter are prime examples of where many former or once very active DG members have seemed to have gone. I guess it's a sign of the times in our world of ever-accelerating schedules & daily routines. But, those of us who've grown up experiencing life at a slower pace still fall back to the defaults of real (sometimes lengthy) conversation, generosity, handcrafted hobbies, story-telling... I sound like an old guy reminiscing on the good ol' days... or maybe I heart, an old guy. I HAVE been called an "old soul".

As far as you getting back into the swing of gardening/plant-rearing... good for you! Caring for plants is so rewarding and relaxing. I recently read about a newer thing called "hoticultural therapy" which focuses on plant care and plant-raising as an alternative to more popular/traditional treatments for anxiety, depression, stress, and addiction. I mean, it's actually become a course of study people can get a degree in! How cool is THAT?!?!

No worries on declining my offer of plants. I just thought it would be a good way for me to make a mark or set a tone for my return to this community. I guess I'll just have to grow them myself...(sigh)... ha, ha, ha.

But, enjoy your day and your stay here at Dave's. I'll look out for you in the forums!

Gainesville, FL

If you have a hoya retusa I would be glad to trade you something for it LOL! Been looking for one. We used to have a nursery here that had a lot of really unusual hoyas. The nursery is still here but the hoyas aren't....the grower (who was just a hobby gardener who grew 'extras' and sold them to the nursery to resell) 'retired'. I am an artist, I design and make art with seed beads and other stuff (found objects, stones, crystals etc). There is a great sale down in Tampa every year by the USC botanical gardens and I was at an art show and missed it. They always had a huge selection of unusual hoyas. There is a plant see and orchid show here in October...guess where I will be? At another art show. Sigh. Maybe next year!

(Zone 9b)

Hues of green, yellow, orange, pink, & red sound good to me! LOL I love color!

Sadly DG was totally neglected by the powers that were. In my opinion, Terry was a sheer disaster. She refused to help any members for several years. Their questions would be totally ignored and go unanswered. It was amazing to watch the decline. People were hurt and angry. Literally there was no Admin seen here for a long while. Members were incredulous when they would beg for help but no one answered. I was incredulous. It was really sad to watch. Then she slunk out very quietly last November, leaving the site a mess. She didn't even say good bye. LOL We have responsive Admin now but so much harm has been done.

Phelan, CA

I forgot all about this thread! I just recently joined, and forgot about Dave's Garden in general! I'm so sorry! Allways growing, you are so sweet to offer me some Senecio Jacobsonii! Plant people, I find, are among the kindest I've ever run across. Your plants are gorgeous, and I will send you a DM.

I, also, noticed that the forums here are not what they used to be years ago. I also, was disappointed to find so few posts. It seemed like, ten or so years ago, people were putting up new posts daily. I won't renew this time, I'm sorry to say. I do hope the new Admin will be able to restore some of this site's reputation. I used to really enjoy coming here on a daily basis.

Gainesville, FL

Yeah I won't renew either, unless things start to change.

Orofino, ID(Zone 6a)

Hi You Guys ! I haven't been on Dave's Garden for a couple of years but paid each year to keep my subscription up to date....I'm sorry to say what you are speaking of is why I dropped away too....I'm giving it a try one more year and look forward to seeing your continued posts .....I
I'm crazy about that crassula .... just stunning....I would be happy to pay to have one or two starts to me in Idaho ??? have great growing days

Decatur, GA

Sigh... I use to love DG, especially succulent, cactus, and caudiciforms discussions. I see Gothqueen has left again..... I was gone and then came back in hopes discussions were back. But I guess not.

Garner, NC

Quote from Depsi :
Hi You Guys ! I haven't been on Dave's Garden for a couple of years but paid each year to keep my subscription up to date....

You have to pay a subscription fee? I just signed in today and didn't see anything about subscription fees...

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