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Growing a Lemon Tree Hydroponically, how do I avoid root rot?

Kansas City, MO

I've started to grow my first lemon tree and it's doing good so far but I'm a long ways out to sea. I've decided to try growing it hydroponically without soil by just adding some N-P-K nutrients into water and letting the roots soak it up for awhile. Can I leave this baby lemon tree in the liquid nutrient solution 24/7? I've heard about root rot and I don't want that to happen. If the roots are not to be soaked 24/7 how many hours a day do the plant roots need to be submerged into the liquid nutrient solution to grow well?

I took the plant out of the liquid nutrient solution for a couple of hours today and the leaves seem very dry. So, maybe 24/7 in the solution is best?

Thanks for reading!

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York, PA

Can it still be better to return to earth? Yet this is a more natural environment than such "food" in the liquid. By the way, explain why you decided to go for this? I'm just starting to grow plants. And I think, here https://essaybison.com/write-research-paper/ you can find the answer to your question. I hope you will help

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