SOLVED: Let\'s Try This Again: Anyone Recognize These Seedlings???

Saint Petersburg, FL

I found these volunteering in my yard. I think they are a type of vining jasmine, but not sure. They were growing in a long close curve as if they had sprouted from a long thin pod such as some jasmine plants bear.

Please respond, somebody! I've been on this website and already identified someone else's plant, c'mon here!

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Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

It's difficult to ID from leaves only and there are more than 200 different jasmines out there.

Richmond, TX

Keep posting more pictures as they grow, A lot of plants look alike when very young.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Thanks, I will.

I'll probably be planting them in individual pots pretty soon here, and getting them outside in more sun. Right now they're inside my Florida room for protection. I had some outside when they were smaller, but they were getting eaten (by a small snail or slug, probably).

Saint Petersburg, FL

More info: I have found online pics of a jasmine "Maid of Orleans", and the leaf appears to be exactly similar to my plants; but the image and description indicates that the leaves of this variety are arranged opposite on the stem, rather than staggered from one side to the other as mine are. This is puzzling.

I am still hoping that they are a variety of jasmine -- rather than some completely different plant that has leaves that look a lot like jasmine! If anyone knows more about this than I do, please respond!

I'm curious to know before they get to the blooming stage, which will take a while, and also I'm nearly ready to handle the plants as I transplant them into 4" pots for the next stage of their growth. I would rather not handle them if they turn out to be some toxic native of Florida that I haven't found out about yet! (I'm from California and still am not familiar with FL native plants)

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

As you noted the leaf arrangement (i.e. alternate instead of opposite), that would totally rule out jasmine.

Wish I could help more, but I can only suggest this:

Quote from porkpal :
Keep posting more pictures as they grow, A lot of plants look alike when very young.

Saint Petersburg, FL

Here are a couple new photos. The leaves are growing larger and they appear to be slightly toothed along the edges.

I am really anxious to know what these are, before I go planting them into individual pots. Any ideas, anyone?

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