They built a nest, but never moved in.

Lake Forest Park, WA

I bought a bird house a few months ago and put it up by our deck. About a month ago, I saw a bird exiting it, so I figured they set up house. I have not seen any activity since then, so I carefully took a peak at the inside. This bird house was designed by Wild Birds Unlimited especially for chickadees. It was built so it could be easily cleaned out after nesting season by making one side of it hinged to easily access the interior.

I took a peak inside and it appears they built a nest but never used it. The bottom layers shows the sawdust that came with it, then the rest looks like bird-built material. So did they decide not to use it, or will they be back?

Thumbnail by Brinybay
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Looks like it might be a House Wren 'cock nest'. The male builds several nests, and presents all of them to the female; she then uses the one she likes best. So no, it won't be used this year.


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