Pachypodium overwatered??

Plantsville, CT

Greeting plant friends, Iím hoping your collective expertise will help me save my plant. Iím really stressed knowing itís really stressed. Iíve had a Pachypodium (lamerei, I think) for about 16 years and Iíve never had a problem till now. I live in Connecticut zone 6 so it lives indoors in the winter and lives on the deck all summer. It has rained a lot more than usual and I think my pachy sat wet for too long and may have root rot. I stopped watering but the leaves are getting brownish red spots, then turning yellow and falling off. I was hoping it was limited to old growth but the new leaves are affected too.
Can anyone recommend a systemic fungicide? Thereís so little information available about these plants, and Iím desperate to save it. Thank you in advance for any insights you may have to offer. Rebecca

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