Rock/Boulder Yard Southern California

Long Beach, CA


I'm looking for peoples recommendations on their favorite boulder/stone yard in Southern California. I live in Long Beach and have been to all the yards in the surrounding area (South Coast Supply, Thompsons, ETC) and am looking for more variety in boulders. Any help is appreciated.



Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Hi, Graham. A special welcome since I grew up in Long Beach many, many years ago. I've been away long enough that I can't give you any specific suggestion. But have you checked out DG's Garden Watchdog service? If you click on the 'Products and Sources' button at the top of this page, then on 'Garden Watchdog' when the next page loads, you'll be taken to this astonishing list of gardening resources. If you scroll down to 'search by category', then look under 'supplies', you'll find lots of places listed. Not always up to date, but I've found valuable sources this way. Good luck!

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