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SOLVED: Help on identifying a bush

Gloucester, United Kingdom

Hi, need help in identifying a large shrub/bush it's quite attractive however it's next to a pond with koi carp and have lost a few recently, they rummage through debris in the bottom of the pond and some of the berries may have gone in there, I need to identify the plant and find out if the berries are poisonous?

any help would be appreciated.


Thumbnail by paulgee Thumbnail by paulgee
Groveland, FL

It looks like an ornamental elderberry called 'black lace'

Dearborn Heights, MI(Zone 6a)

I agree with nel5397. I have just planted one of these by my pond.
I just checked on Koi sites and they all say the red fruit varieties are poisonous,
but the blue and black berry varieties are not.
Black Lace has the black berries.


Gloucester, United Kingdom

Oh my god......

would suggest you move or kill it then DaylilySLP

My ignorance of this fact has just killed two great specimens both 2 foot long, I lost two large koi last year and could not figure out why, put it down to age / something scaring them etc. and put all those preventative measures in place even tested the water quality at that time that was not awful but did a change anyway, they were both 30 years old.

only to find this year that the most likly explanation is a bush near the pond :(

thanks for your help, will go away and have a good cry now.


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Dearborn Heights, MI(Zone 6a)

But the one you have, didn't it have black/blue berries?
The lacey, dark leaved varieties have Black berries.
Only the red Berry varieties are poisonous.
Is there some other bush on that link that you have?

Gloucester, United Kingdom

Sorry must have got my wires crossed? Thought it was the blacks, not taking any chances anyway cut all the branches off it before making this post and will move it away from my pond before spring.

Still does not explain why the fish died then, never lost so many over a short period of time, maybe it was their time?


Dearborn Heights, MI(Zone 6a)

I read that Koi in a pond only live to 25-30 usually. Maybe it was their time?
Who knows.
Sorry for your loss, though.

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