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SOLVED: Which Aster am I?

NYC, NY(Zone 7a)

I photographed this [to me] unusual little Aster in a botanical garden in zone 7b in mid-September. Unfortunately it didn't occur to me to look harder for the ID tag; figuring the unusually asymmetrical blossoms would lead to easy ID..... Well, that hasn't been the case so I'm turning it over to the folks here in hopes someone recognizes it.

Of note, besides the flower asymmetry, are the tiny Rosemary-sized leaves. It's a very low growing, compact, relatively small Aster....

Thanks in advance!!!

Thumbnail by Fizgig777
Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

Gee, it is tough. The closest I found was
LOL But it does have 7 petals and similar leaves.

Maybe a subspecies of Felicia filifolia. I could not find one with 7 petals but most have none or so few photos on google to compare. This looked close, found on

Thumbnail by Kell
Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I am an admirer of your photos on PlantFiles!

NYC, NY(Zone 7a)

Thank you! It does look close.... much closer to ID than I've gotten. There are just two issues, the botanical garden's database doesn't have any F. Filifolia plants listed as growing in the garden and the aster/aster-like plant is being grown as a perennial which would not be possible for F. Filifolia in zone 7b.

A head scratcher, ain't it?

And thank you, also, for the compliment on my Plant Files photos =)

Rome, Italy

Galatella sedifolia?

Thumbnail by scatola
NYC, NY(Zone 7a)

You might have something there =) I think it's a match, or at least I know the type of Aster it is... Which is close enough for me.... G. Sedifolia is a bit tall for a perfect match, but the flowers for many Galatella cv. are very close match.

Thank you!!!

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