My cat vs. a praying mantis

Hamilton Township, NJ(Zone 7a)

Good morning, East Coast US folks! Heyhey, everyone else!

Just had to share that my usually SILENT, 10 year old, orange tabby cat, (Princess) Coco (van Oranje Nassau... my gf's Nederlandse and Ms. Coco has always acted as though she's Anastasia Romanoff), JUST SPOKE IN RESPONSE to my telling her a mantid that flew inside out of the garden was to "be our new pet!"

Imagine my surprise when I saw her turn her head to me and screech the feline, royally vulgar equivalent of "TF?!?"

I was sad, but I put Mr. Most Likely Asian Mantis out into my Ficus religiosa, where he can eat what's left of my scale issue to his heart's content... I hope.


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