Drip system in containers not wetting soil enough

Old Saybrook, CT(Zone 6b)

I recently put drip tubing in four window boxes, 1/2 inch main run about 30 feet, 1/4 inch drip tube with emitters every 6 inches. The window boxes are four ft long and the drip tubing runs down and back so there are two runs of it in the box. Running it for 40 minutes causes water to run out the bottom of the boxes, but the soil is not wet except right under the emitters. :o( I also bought adjustable drip things on 6 inch stakes that each have several streams of water that come out but I didnít use them, the tubing looked easier.
Apparently the potting mix does not have enough capillary action to move the water horizontally and the wet areas make a vertical column under the emitters and run out. This problem will be compounded, I think, when I switch to a 5-1-1 mix next year for my containers.
Suggestions? Thanks.

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

We had the same problem in our strawberry boxes. Just watered with a hose sprayer.

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