succulents in birdbath question

Waukegan, IL(Zone 5a)

Four years ago I planted some succulents in an old birdbath. I donít know much about succulents. We have been bringing the whole birdbath indoors for the winter to a chilly sunroom. We are getting older and dragging that thing into the house is getting harder for us. I donít know if any of the succulents I chose are hardy and even if they are, I donít know if they would survive winter outdoors in a such a shallow planter. This year I am trying to decide whether to lift the plants out of the birdbath and replant indoors to overwinter or to leave them outside and find out if any survive. It's not a lot of plants so if I have to replace them it is not a tragedy. I am in zone 5 and we get a lot of below freezing temperatures and even below zero for short periods. I welcome any advice or suggestions.

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Oxdrift, Canada

Hi Chris,
I wish I had noticed your post earlier as I could have been a lot of help. I live in a far colder climate than you and have a very large collection of succulents that I have been overwintering inside for years. We are kind of on the borderline between Zone 2 and 3. Obviously you have had to make a decision on this dilemma by now. If you decided to try leaving them out I would guess you will only have one survivor come spring. I have everything that you have in that planter and it looks like you have a sempervivum positioned top center which is hardy. I am finding that very few people are following these threads. In the future if you have questions don't be afraid to send me a D-mail. I would be glad to help. Sorry I wasn't paying attention in October
I will have a thread watcher on this one now, if you have any immediate questions

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