CLOSED: New bug in the woods

Valparaiso, IN

I live outside Chicago. This is the first year Iíve seen these bugs. They hang out with the Asian stink bugs and behave similarly.. trying to get inside houses when the weather turns cold. They also seem to have a very sweet and gentle disposition just like the stink bugs. Any idea what it is?

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Minot, ND

These look like western conifer seed bugs, Leptoglossus occidentalis, a common nuisance pest -

Valparaiso, IN

Thank you so much! Iím so happy to read about these bugs. : )

Minot, ND

Nice to hear from Indiana - I was in Valparaiso a few times during my studies at Purdue (1964-67). Imagine that it's changed a little since then!

Valparaiso, IN

Hi Flapdoodle! Sorry for the quite delayed response. Just getting back on the site.

Yes Valpoís changed a lot just in the the past 10 years. Lots of growing. Itís expanding outward pretty quickly which has meant acres and acres of forest being completely wiped out. Especially sad when u see it happening first hand, developers not even leaving any green space or wildlife corridors. Used to love the country drives, now itís subdivisions.

So they get a zero score for green space planning, but aside from that itís truly wonderful! Amazing restaurants for such a small town! Lots of mom and pop businesses which I find charming. A preserved, historic downtown thatís absolutely thriving. A lighted, covered ice rink in winter, amphitheater with free concerts and movies in summer. Itís just wonderful!

Best regards and thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with everyone on this forum. 🙏

Minot, ND

You're quite welcome - keeps my brain from rusting shut! I really need to 'stop and smell the roses' the next time I drive through Indiana...

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