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Mosquitoes in potted plants

Walker, LA(Zone 8b)

I have (and love) a collection of large potted plants on my covered patio. My problem is mosquitoes by the thousands breed in them. When I water the plants I seem to disturb them and they swarm the area. What can I do to prevent them from making my plants their home? I live in Walker, Louisiana!

Ottawa, KS(Zone 5b)

Hi Cindy,

The larval form of mosquitoes is a "wiggler" that swims in water. I wouldn't expect them to be able to breed in the growing medium of your pots, unless you somehow have standing water associated with the plants on your covered patio. If you do, then apply some Mosquito Bits and/or Mosquito Dunks to that standing water. In the unlikely event that wigglers are inhabiting your growing medium, then sprinkle some Mosquito Bits on your growing medium.


If you merely want to knock down the flying mosquitoes, that is another thing. Is your covered patio open to the outside world ? In other words, can your mosquitoes simply be flying in from the outdoors? If that is the case, then those mosquitoes probably aren't breeding in your pots. If you live in a municipality, they are responsible for pest control of your mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry several bad diseases, so they are a public health concern.

ZM (not associated with any product or vendor mentioned or linked)

Vidor, TX

Try putting bright yellow solo cups on the soil in each pot slathered with petroleum jelly. The mosquitos (which are probably fungus gnats since actually mosquitos do not breed in soil) will be attracted to the color and will stick to the jelly. The jelly is not strong enough to harm larger, beneficial insects.

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