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Can a compost bin be started this time of year in Michigan?

Plymouth, United States

I am going to make a simple one with cedar boards. I'm going to make it even if it's too late to start using it. Or can I use it this time of year? I eat a LOT of vegetables and always have lots of peelings, etc. There are also a lot of leaves & stuff that I am getting from dethatching the lawn.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I'm fairly certain you can use - as in add material to - a compost bin any time you can get to it. The materials may not decompose very rapidly at lower temperatures, but that's no reason to skip the accumulation.

I also wanted to compliment the excellent choice of screen name...

Glen Burnie, MD

Yes you can compost but keeping it in direct sunlight and insulating it with leaves and a tarp will help. Also if you can keep your compost above the ground that will help it break down also.


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