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what can it be

Rome, Italy

Surprise under rose leaf: what can it be?
Thank you

Thumbnail by scatola
Rome, Italy

I think I have identified the problem of the plant in the sours of rust.
Could it be?

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

Yes, you have rust and black spot, 2 fungal diseases. Is it late fall in Rome? The roses should be going dormant. Make sure you rake up all the old rose foliage so the rust and black spot does not over winter and then attack your new spring growth. I would spray with antifungals too. Fungal diseases are more common if the weather is damp.

Rome, Italy

Thanks for your answer!!!!
In Rome we are in the middle of autumn and in these days we live the "Summer of San Martino" a short autumn period in which, after the first cold weather, good weather conditions occur with rather warm temperatures for the season (a proverb says: "The summer of San Martino lasts three days and a little bit"!).

Unfortunately, however, there is a lot of humidity because the now established climatic variations are turning us into a tropical country with daily rains for long periods of time and the plants are obviously affected.

In the afternoon, in the doubt that it could be rust, I proceeded to eliminate the fallen leaves on the ground and I will continue as they fall. I also sprayed a systemic foliar fungicide based on two active ingredients, Tebuconazole and Trifloxistrobina.

Ciao, ciao!!!

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