Bed Bug or Book-louse (nymph) ?

sydney, Australia

They have been found in a house (Sydney, Australia), they are different sizes ranging from 1mm to 2.5mm, mostly white with some small flecks of brown on abdomen, 6 legs, two antennae, large eyes.

I have looked at many photos on the internet of all sorts of insects, and I know that this specimen looks like a Bed Bug, but, nobody is itching, there are no red dots or welts on any person's skin, there are no signs of adult bugs around the mattress seams or under the bed or near sleeping areas. These bugs have been found at desk areas which are further away from the sleeping areas (further than 8 - 10 feet) the have also been found in the bathroom which is about 20 - 25 feet away from sleeping areas. It is also possible that one of them was found on a "pergola" outside the house under some shade cloth (mesh). These bugs have been seen in the house for many years, so it's unlikely they have just "infested" the house.

The photos were taken with my phone through one eyepiece of a binocular microscope, the bug was captured using a piece of clear tape (scotch tape, sticky tape).

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Minot, ND

Definitely not a bed bug; looks to me more like a psocodea (book/barklice) nymph than anything else I can think of...

sydney, Australia

Thanks very much for your help Flapdoodle.

Minot, ND

Quote from albertclark :
They are definitely not bed bugs. It is better to do pest control so that these unidentified pests are killed. Hiring experts such as Lincoln Pest Control ( ) can help in getting rid of these tiny nasty creatures. They provide the best exterminators who know all the tricks to handle these pests. Better hire such professionals and get rid of these disease-spreading creatures.

Bark lice are not pests that need control.

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