Little spider in my living room

Ankara, Turkey

Hey guys, here to ask about some spiders that I have seen around frequently where I live. They are in a house in Anatolia's rural areas kind of close to a clearing next to some farming fields which is surrounded by hills. They look just like the photos I posted here, now I know we don't have much poisonous insects or animals on my country but I am curious and would like to find about these species if someone here familiar with them maybe they are seen commonly around you too. Now I have seen them make webs and act indifferent to eachother when they meet. Little bright one is about the size of my pinky and black. Shy one with the long limbs is brownish and moves slower than the black one, it is twice as big if you count the limbs. :)

Thumbnail by Topkekguy Thumbnail by Topkekguy
Minot, ND

The first image is not clear enough for an identification, about all that I can tell you is that it appears to ba a male spider. The second one looks like a cellar spider in the family Pholcidae; they often are incorrectly referred to as daddy long-legs. They will prey on other spiders and are harmless to humans.

Ankara, Turkey

Thanks for sharing. I took the photos with an old phone which is what I have at the moment but will try and find a camera to take a better one of this first spider, as soon as I can.

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