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DECEMBER Challenges/Projects/Organiz8ng ourselves and sharing our love of sewing, all welcome..

Victoria Harbour, ON

Are there lots of Xmas decorations Susan? Think Iíll wait till mid January before I take out Valentineís Day decor, then stpatricks day lol seemsim always decorating.hugsre your mom..

Christmas is put away, Towson back deck, some at basement door waiting to be carried into backshed, wonít be today though.

Was thinking of going stateside today but think I might go tomorrow when temps are warmer.

Have 2 quilts started, my goal for January is getthem done..

Victoria Harbour, ON

So quiet here..
Just warming up plate of turkey/dressing and turnip then maybe get dressed..did take out a box I had cut fabric to make an earth tone quilt, played with it for a bit..restless today

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Even bought the backing, have the batting so should be difficult to do

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Those are beautiful colors.


I agree - beautiful colours.

There aren't a lot of decorations in the Senior's Centre, to take down or to put up for Valentine's Day. It's the climbing up on ladders that Dorothy can't handle anymore - gets dizzy.

I had a quiet day yesterday, and finished the latest prayer shawl for the church, except for the label.
I took out a turkey for Friday - miss having leftovers so............ 😁
We'll see if Dianne and Carol can come over for dinner.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Omg, was at dollar store today and they not only had Valentineís Day decor but Easter as well..

All but 5 totes left to put in back shed, tomorrow Iíll get it done. 53 today, fabric shopped here but want to go stateside..hoping Sharon is well enough to go Sunday..

Jeffís boys got my embroidery thread organized, could have used 2 wood frames.

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Yes, the stores are decorating for & selling candy/chocolates for Valentine's Day, and it's still December! Don't we have enough chocolates from Christmas?!?!?!?!
Great organizing of the embroidery threads, Betty - I presume these are for the machine?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yes they are Susan, they are angled so donít take up a whole lot of space.

Was up early so I took out fabric I bought for Wanneta for the wedding quilt and cut it into a kit..will save her time.

Last of the totes need to be brought to back shed, few flurries, donít want to do it in 2í of snow then Iíll play with my quilt..


I have something like that for my bobbins. My threads are in a tiny cabinet as part of my sewing machine cabinet. Sure is nice to have them organized! My hand embroidery thread is wound around cardboard made for this, and put in a small bin also made for the purpose.

Well, better get back to pre-prep of dinner. We're having turkey tonight, with 2 girlfriends coming over. None of the three of our households had turkey over the season, so we figured to get some leftovers from tonight's dinner for all our households - yum! We all love turkey leftovers. TURKEY SANDWICHES lol

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Hello all, hope everyone is feeling and doing better than the last time I checked in.
We are having late Christmas tomorrow! I am so excited, a whole day with daughter and her family. Will be worn to the nub, but so worth it! No leftover turkey for us, but it sure does sound yummy.

Hoping to pop in to Joann's, want to start a new quilt and need some reds.

Later, Sue

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sounds like a heartwarming day Sue..ohh a new quilt, can you share what pattern?
Enjoy your day.

Susan how,did your dinner go last night?

Contemplated Sue a trip to Joannís today, Sharon was feeling a tad better but itís snowing and blowing so a no go..big sigh..been a decade I think that Iíve made it to Joannís for stock up but not worth fighting snow storm..,getting smarter in my old age.

Just sewing 3rd row of blocks onto the quilt top Iím doing..live the earth tones

Must take inventory of what foundation print I have..ran out last year as there is so much waste doing method Iím using, Darlene looked in Florida at 2 shops and found some,just now sure how far it will go..that is ok as I will 8mprovise by adding borders of print

Victoria Harbour, ON

Going to cut background so I know how many blocks I can make

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I love that pattern. What is it called?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Periwinkle, did this quilt before for a wedding gift, problem was had to change it a bit because Missouri made a template incorrectly..they didnít replace it and I ruined a lot of fabric..ended up buying her book and Greg made me proper template..they redesigned after my purchase..ruler they send was made for Halloween quilt

Off to town, needparchment paper if Iím to continue making top and put it on the frame.

Really want it done so I camp move on to winter solstice quilt I started last winter..see a wall hanging meant for spring half done and the it Sharon bought me for my birthday and she bought one for herself, we were suppose to do them together but didnít so Iím making my 2019 list of projects that need done before starting another

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

That is a shame they had the wrong template, and never reimbursed you for wasted fabric.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Didnít even offer to exchange the template...

Got 2 rows done today..hoping tomorrow I get another 2 done and that should be the size, here is hoping I have enough background fabric.

Look at the waste when doing this quilt the easy way lol

All fabric off the parchment paper is wasted

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

That is a lot of waste.


Didn't even offer to exchange the template? That's so wrong in so many ways!
Having a nice quiet day at home, after church. Blowing snow outside, so it's kind of nasty driving.
Had a lovely dinner last night, and know we're having leftover turkey for dinner tonight - hooray!
Looking forward to dinner on Tues - the Senior Centre in Trochu is putting on a potluck dinner, & I think I'll make a Trifle if I have all the ingredients 🤞I got some ladyfingers the other day & I know I have vanilla pudding, and instead of pound cake I can make a regular cake....... right?

(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Had a lovely time with the family and I have a SEWING BUDDY!

My 6 year old granddaughter was mesmerized by the serger I took along to let my DD use to sew her 1st pillowcase. DGD begged to be able to sew, after a few minutes I finally gave in and we had a safety lesson and then I let her serge a big scrap into small scraps. 2 hours later she came in just as mom was finishing the pillowcase and wanted to sew again. I reminded her about the knife and she informed me that if her fingers were by the knife or needle her foot was not on the pedal! We are going to sew a pillowcase for her birthday. She informed me a few minutes later that SHE was now my sewing buddy!

Learned how to play Bananagram, it was fun.

Ooops, forgot about the quilt. Going to make Missouri Star's Stars and Stripes quilt with my own twist.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Big smile here Sue..nothing like having a granddaughter as a sewing buddy.im sure you will make many treasures together..

Will have to look up that pattern..your own twist, sounds interesting.

Iíve been sewing since Iíve been up, feel like itís late afternoon but not even 11

Need milk and bread and a few other things,should go now as they are calling for snow and freezing rain shortly.

What is on all your agendas for this New Yearís Eve and day?

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Wanting to wish my friends a very happy New Year.

Lilyfan, how awesome you now have a sewing buddy, I love teaching kids to sew. They listen so well.

Been down with the punys for most of the week. Starting to feel a bit better but no celebrations planned, just a quiet evening. Most likely sound asleep long before midnight.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

That is awesome to teach the young ones to sew.
Karen, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Get better soon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sorry you havenít been feeling good Karen, takes a lot of you and if same as here takes forever to get over.

LIndakay, your evening sounds relaxing..letting off firecrackers is a nice welcome in to 2019.

Played in craft room, Lordy takes all day to do 2 rows..one more to go then some borders..

Had a new t towel, not what Iíd use but did a embroidery of the design I thought would be nice for this years (2019) Christmas carolling. Now to look for plain t towels

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(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Yes, it is the first time I hit a 'Home Run' with her! Now we get to have an outing to pick out the material and then some sewing time together. I'm super excited since her birthday is less than 2 weeks away!

Just in case I don't get back for awhile... Happy New Year to each of you!!!! May each of you have an awesome year.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over..


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