Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi fellow Georgians are you as glad as I am to see the sunshine. I have had more than a week of pretty heavy rain. My carport flooded and I had to move my car to the street. I hope none of my shady garden plant roots and bulbs did not wash away. How did your yards do in the floods?

Decatur, GA

It's been wet here too. I get a river that runs through my back yard during heavy, continuous rains. During steady rains I get some seepage into my basement under the foundation walls too. I have learned to keep everything down there in containers. Luckily the basement water is rare and goes away quickly.
Let's hope we get enough rain but not too much!!!! I'm not sure which is worse, soggy gardens and plants or parched and dusty ones. Lets just hope for some good luck.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I am finding the editing features confusing so sorry if this is a double post. Harder to follow up with some of the Plant Files people burying other posts.

A slow, wet start to the Spring/Summer garden at Maypop and the garden and it is finally (mostly) in. We are harvesting turnip and mustard greens, lacinato kale (dinosaur kale) and arugula. Lots of parsley, thyme, oregano and basil. We have good stands beginning to run of five types of pole beans. and three more to plant. There are three types of limas up; black seeded, speckled and white...Black Jungle, Christmas and Willow Leaf. Sixteen tomatoes went in three weeks ago and eight more this past weekend. I've got a few more to go. I planted Boston pickling cucumbers and Sumter several weeks ago and they are beginning to climb, I use those varieties for relishes. Planted Japanese Suyo cukes this past weekend. For Southern Big Boy, Whippoorwill. speckled butter peas, zipper peas, and Taylor Horticultural up. Planted white butter peas in the pea dept. and Lazy Wife pole beans this past weekend.

Need to tend to yard stuff peripheral to the vegetable garden, including dividing or discarding overgrowth, but getting the food in has been the priority. Moles have been a pain. Tunneling everywhere. Though they don't eat the veggies they do get up under the growth. Maybe bunnies but something seriously dined on the early planted sweet peppers. So much so that I dug them up last month, recovered and replanted them. I also have additional hot peppers (jalapeno, lemon & cherry) that are just now being planted. That's it for my garden at the moment and a big thanks to generous DG members way back when...FarmerDill & Shoe sharing such good garden advice and some of my favorite seed.

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Decatur, GA

Glad to hear from you Laurel. Your garden sound fabulous. So many varieties. I plant Better Boy tomatoes and jalapeņos and poblano peppers, Butternut and zucchini squash and okra. I found a little six pack of sweet pototoes at Lowes to try without any experience or knowledge on how to grow so I'll take all the luck anyone has to offer. Oh and of course Blue Lake bush green beans in 5 gallon buckets on the deck. I eat about everything I grow fresh and freeze just a little overflow for later. I love to grow but hate to process. Oh geez, how could I forget to mention eggplants!!!! They are heavenly pressure cooked.
Plus I grow a lot of gourds. They aren't high quality but its fun to grow them anyway and I can use some for my art work. The best gourds are grown west of the Mississippi.
Let's keep the Georgia gardeners active!!!

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