Best/Worse/What did I learn today, visit with friend old/new..all welcome to join us chat!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over from here

Imagine, 2019

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Pleasant surprise, people doing driveway paving are starting today instead of in 3 weeks.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Great news Karen

If I can ever get this water under control $$ wise I want to pave my drive.
Cap up for cup of chocolate, sitting on couch watching step Mom, got to say the pillows look awfully comfy but if I do that it will be the end of productivity lol

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread.
Karen, you are going to love the new paved driveway.
Betty, nothing wrong with taking it easy. Listen to your body, and give that hip a rest.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

WAY to get lucky Karen! I am always seem to be LATER not earlier than planned!

We got 3 books cases moved yesterday AND the carpet pad & tack strip out from under the 2 of them that still had it. (Bad lazy housewife, LOL to have left those when taking up the carpet 2 years or so ago.

We got the extra shelving unit moved from across room to behind the entertainment center. Got all the stuffed bunnies down off book cases & bunnies & clothes washed. I am going to redress and bag them until the remodel is done. We are headed into the REALLY dusty portion of the new bathroom construction: spackle/sand/paint phrase again soon.

Yesterday moved roll top desk to barn, pink dresser to barn. Small computer desk and computer moved to corner of living room with printer.

This morning painted the oak cabinets with white again, still have some brush work but don't want to have it wet when Kevin's company comes.

Ordered single bed, bed frame, sheets, bedspread etc for the room. I have been eyeing this bedspread forever but kept talking myself out of it as I really prefer a house to flow, not radical changes in colors and style from room to room. I'll sew teal bed skirt and window treatment, maybe trim out the valance with a bold raspberry print. Who knows, lots to do before I get there!

I still have my Christmas tree up!!! Man... I'm slow. I usually have it down the day after. Now Sis on the other hand. SHE has had her's up so long that I have kidded her about decorating it for Valentines before!

Church is at noon this year so I need to shower.


back home from church. Last bits of Christmas decor put in the boxes (6, plus the tree & 2 store-bought Christmas storage boxes). Now, for them to go in the shed, and for my DH to take the "extra": empty ones ones away! We trimmed down the # of boxes by using larger ones. Phew..... and they're heavier of course. Bob wanted it that way, so gueess he needs to take "heavier" in order to get less....
At church I was given a Lot of wool - some enough to do shawls, and some.... maybe. Took what I thought would make a shawl, and left the rest.
Tonight we're going to a dinner at the Community Centre "A Taste Of Ukraine". Local caterer books the hall every January for this dinner. It'll be our first time going, but we have had her food - yummy borscht, perogies & cabbage rolls!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

YUM! sounds divine!


I just heard that my friend that was in the hospital for 7 weeks, from her birthday until just before Christmas, is back in hospital. She's so weak........
Please send prayers for her.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Pat, you have been busy. Glad to hear you have helpers.
I love the colors the quilt.
Susan, sounds like you will be busy making more shawls. Enjoy your dinner.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Susan, scary, prayers for your friend's recovery.


Thank you, Pat.
She was horribly jaundiced during her last visit, and her liver is healing, but they have her on steroids & chemo (no, not cancer, just the same meds).
She's so weak that she can't even use a walker, and she's been falling.
She's in her early 70's and has always been so active & involved in the community. She's the President of our Senior's Centre, as of last April. She's been doing a lot of good in the community, and we certainly would like her to continue, but not if it's going to be affecting her health.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Why is she on chemo, if she doesn't have cancer? Sending prayers for her.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all

Freezing rain warning here and calling for snow later this afternoon.

Lordy Pat, that is a lot of work even with having the Color of the quilt, I seem to be using similar colours lately,very appealing.

Prayers for your friend Susan..

LIndakay, Iíve been give me meds meant for chemo patients re my extreme vomiting..expensive, covered when a cancer patient gets a script, but if not if you donít have cancer..seems they have multi uses.

Debbie, have you heard how Dianne is doing?

I smell like heck, sprayed my entire left side from neck to ankle,think itís my sciatic nerve, hoping it helps me to be able to play downstairs today vs laying on the couch.

Lyndonville, NY

Betty, I had a text with her last week and again yesterday.

She saw PA and will be seeing her regular doc late afternoon today. Knee is a bother, so glad she is getting it checked. Her Computer is in the shop also and hopefully that will be fixed shortly. Her "guru" was on vacation for holidays and returns today.

Linda Kay, they use many "chemo drugs" to treat other thing, like RA and other ailments. I know M was on Methotrexate shots...and that is what they wanted to put me on for my pains also.

Betty we have winter weather advisory for this afternoon, snow and ice. Nothing as yet, and haven't had much but an inch of snow here and there all season, I know we are due to get hit. AND by Friday won't get out of the 20s during day.....and low digits at night

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the update on Dianne. I sure hope she can get her knee fixed soon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thanks Debbie, stormy here, with wind can barely see, freezing rain hitting windows..did you send t my way? Lol

Thanks for update on Dianne, here is hoping she can get knee looked after.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Freezing rain just started up again, suppose to be at hospital at 8:15 am, might not be able to get out.


Chemo is, simply, chemicals. Chemicals (as opposed to herbs) are used in medicines, but I don't know why they chose to predominately use the word "Chemo" for cancer.
Regardless, they are using chemo-therapy on Joan, with no real idea of what the problem is.

Betty - back to the hospital?!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Thanks for updates on all. Don't ya hate it when you don't have access to computer? I hate being isolated.

LONG day, I ran errands, got haircut and picked up dinner, and managed to get my replacement CPap unit.. I am chilled. Headed to bed.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, drove to hospital for results of scope, itís half rain half freezing to watch when walking not to fall..was going to cancel but thought I might have to wait Aran for another appt

Sounds like you had a YOU day Pat..wonderful. When is your time away with your sister?

Susan just for scope results


and what were the results, Betty - just to watch while walking so you don't fall?

Went to Drs today, re: Bob's tinnitis & his falling. Dr will see if they can find a specialist who will actually call Bob for an appointment, and it might be in Red Deer or Calgary.
As for my feet - got a prescription for custom made orthotics that I'll put in all my shoes. Our Senior's Benefits may pay for them - they're expensive - $300-$400. I may be covered under Bob's Senior Benefits (I get an "Allowance" because I'm not a senior yet, but am married to one), or it may be covered under my low-income medical plan. I'll have to find out, then make an appointment in Innisfail for measurement. Don't know how long before I can make an appointment, nor how long it takes to get custom orthodics made.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I hope that helps Susan.

First weekend in March is the event with Sis.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, light snow, had to go to roadside to get garbage bins, talk about icy..this getting a few inches of snow then melting is the pits, letís get a real winter and out our seasons back into how they should be.

Registered for an embroidery class at end of month, always a worry about what weather will be like..only $20+tax so no big loss if I canít go.

Nothing to do soguess Iíll go play downstairs.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wow everyone must be busy..

Stormy here today, so glad Iíve nothing to do but playlol

Finished 2nd truck panel, no kids fabric to go with their colours so need to go to Barrie at some point..kind of addictive

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Son ordered shower curtain and I LOVE it! just came today and I need to buy the wall paint.
Cold and wet here and I have a CPR First Aid class I dread tomorrow. NO WAY can I participate in CPR with the problems/pain I am having with my hand since surgery.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Will they take that into consideration Pat?
What design is the shower curtain?

Need to go out and shovel, cold one today so Iíll wait until it warms up a tad,
Last of the white quilted panels is on embroidery machine, quilt8ng on the periwinkle quilt while waiting for Color changed..this one will be a giraffe, we will see how I do with that one.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Son's shower curtain:

I read thru the employee manual etc and I see "training provided" "encouraged to participate" I do NOT see required to have the endorsement. If the instructor does not feel he can "Pass me" without demonstrating on dummy, then I will argue with my employer that there is no where that says I am "required" to have my CPR card.

Tell me about the truck panels, they are sooooo cute!! I do think a darker color than yellow on the writing would be better. In the picture you cannot read it very well as the yellow does not contrast enough.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Love the bright colours, for your washroom or his...hope cpr class goes ok for you pat. Actually it must be the photo as the writing is bright and readable.

Quilted a bit this morning but neck/shoulder has me laying down..still need to shovel as girls come tonight, may a tad later.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, maybe you can place a help wanted ad in the paper for someone to shovel for you. You don't need to make your neck any worse.
Pat, I love that shower curtain.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Itís such a little area LIndakay, for all the time it takes I should just get out and do it.
Iíd leave it but as it is covering glare ice I must get it done for girls tonight...wish there were someone I could get when we get big amounts..have a new snowblower,well I bought it about 8 years ago but used it a few times, should get it going for heavy snowfalls.

Guess who called me today, as sweet as can be??? Yep dear old mom

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

When she is sweet, does that mean she wants something? LOL!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Likely, she was ever so nice, didnít mention anything about saying Iíve done nothing as have my siblings but cause8ng her grief. I wasnít too talkative, Iím sure she could see that.

Lyndonville, NY

Where the heck is every one! Cold one here.

Be safe all.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Seems everyone is busy so thought I too would take a break..

Bitter cold here as well, but the sun is coming through picture window is warming me up..Debbie time for you to come and visit..

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Rajng here. Been working on a jelly roll rug. I need to talk to someone who has done them. As mine is trying to turn into a giant wobbly bowl. Guess I need to take some out and keep trying.

Verona, ON

Happy New Year everyone !!!

I finally have my computer back and IP sorted out. Somehow my Bell IP got disconnected from their end. It doesn't mean all is well with the computer. Picked it up yesterday, took it back in today and sweet Chad fiddled with it. Working fine, came home and 1 of the problems in email is rearing its ugly head again. Grrrr.

Bitter cold here and icy.... very icy.

Oh Deb I had to giggle at your girls and the TPing the yard.

Betty my sister and I used to laugh and agree we all took turns being on our DM's 'good' list. I rarely made it. It seemed she couldn't be happy with the 3 of us at the same time.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Maybe sewing too tight LIndakay?

[email protected]ďĒthose square for a Christmas mat amd gave up, took it out this year but didnít have time, set it back in the to do tote

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad to see you post Dianne..sure hope you get computer issues sorted out..

Much the same here, glare ice under that inch of is the knees?

Omg your mom and mine must be

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Doing mental health work, (and MY current job), over and over again, it was reinforced how truly blessed I have been with my family. I can not begin to imagine how it must be to have to deal with Momma Jerkyl and Hyde. Let alone siblings that are more like enemies than best friends.
I'm not saying we have NEVER had some tension between family members, but not the degree many of you have had to experience regularly.

Ben's case manager tells me she is still working on a short term placement for Rehab for Ben. I hope so. I am so tired I am in tears. I could have exploded when Ben told me that the caregiver didn't want to do the grocery shopping and went home early "didn't want to deal with the crowds". I do not know if CG thought it would be LESS people at the store on the weekend, and I could do it? OH HECK no. Ben needs something, he can go without, I am so angry with the both of them.

Usually Fridays are my favorite day at work. Fewer coworkers, especially my office mate is not in. unfortunately she worked several hours on her day off trying to "do the right thing" for a client. Too bad everyone else involved was not as dedicated.

Going to bed, going to eat worms. With luck Ben will get the dinner out of the oven without spilling it. I would not bank on it.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon everyone high of 16f here..brrr ones are telling me itís cold.

Was in bar4ie at 6:30, picked LINDA up, did that p.j. Sale, drats didnít realize we were suppose to wear Jammieís lol, told her I had more shopping to do so had to dress up..we then had breakfast out and chatted.

Bought enough fabric to make 10 kid pillows, embroidery and bobbin thread..even went shopping afterwards..bought Ziggy a belated Christmas gift, he is not excited, big sigh..maybe later he will take a liking to it, in the meantime itís the couch for him.

Took Tylenol 3 before I went out..soooo need one now, been laying on a heating pad but itís not doing the trick, maybe hot bath?

How lucky you are Pat re tranquility on the home fun to be in turmoil, Iím not going to be part of it. You will have to speak with caregiver re shopping, didnít realize they also did errands. Sure hope youíve had a good nights rest and todaaay is a better day for you.

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