Several Varieties Flowering Shrub Seeds for Trade

Acworth, GA


I just signed up for DG, and am excited to trade seeds with you all. I’m clearing a large area in my backyard for a mini backyard nursery of sorts, going to try my hand at propagating cuttings etc. I ordered a dozen or so varieties of plant seeds from PlantWorld (should get here in a week or so), and have an extra pack of each to trade as well as some seeds I collected from my balloon flowers and rose of sharon bushes. I’d also be happy to send an SASE if you just wanted to send me some seeds for postage. :-)

I’m only interested in seeds for flowering trees/shrubs that you know the exact botanical/cultivar name for, and can be propagated by cuttings. Also must be hardy in zone 7.

Seeds I Collected:

Blue Balloon Flower: 4 packets of ~24 seeds
Rose of Sharon (mixed lavender and white): 3 packets of ~12 seeds

Seeds from Plant World: (1 packet each)

Cotoneaster Horizontalis
Daphne Mezereum
Daphne Tangutica
Deutzia Gracilis
Deutzia ‘Pink Blush’
Exochorda Macrantha
Sambucus Nigra ‘Black Frills’
Trachycarpus Fortunei
Weigela Florida
Weigela Florida ‘Versicolor’
Weigela ‘Snowflake’

Thanks in advance!! Looking forward to meeting you!


Pittsboro, NC

I'm growing button bushes (Cephalanthus occidentalis) from seed: Cullina says it is relatively easy to propagate from cuttings:

Once i get some flowers i would be happy to send some seed. Not sure how long it will be for them to start blooming. No flowers last year.

I've done a successful air layering of a magnolia and started some chestnuts from Dunstan chestnut seeds, so i understand your excitement. Good luck!

Acworth, GA

Thanks! Let me know how yours goes. I just got my seeds in the mail last night, and started stratification in the fridge with the moist paper towel / ziploc method. I also used the same method with my varieties of balloon flower seeds, but put them under a grow light instead of the fridge. Super excited!! =D

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