Spider identification

Newcastle, Australia

Could you tell me what spider this is. Thank you

Thumbnail by kerkhoffdana
Indianapolis, IN

Google told me that these are spiders wolf spider, although it seems to me that it is mistaken. but it looks awful of course. I do not like spiders,ugh

Minot, ND

This spider is in the family Sparassidae (huntsmen/giant crab spiders); looks like a Heteropoda sp. - see http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Modern+Spiders+Infraorder+Araneomorphae/Huntsman+Spiders/Brown+Huntsman+Spider#.XD4fiml7mUk for an example. Large specimens can deliver a painful but not dangerous bite if handled carelessly.

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