Dragon Fruit

Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

Has anyone grown dragon fruit from seed. I bought this purple dragon fruit that was pretty good for a dragon fruit. I saved some of the seed. I will grow them in pots. I have read one site that said 2 years from seed to fruit and another that said 6 years. I hope it is shorter than 6 year. The label said red dragon fruit but this is definitely purple.

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Peachtree City, GA(Zone 8a)

The seed have sprouted and there must be over 100 seedlings growing. I hope it does not take so long to get to the fruit stage. I don't live in dragon fruit grow temps but I want to try the container method in the sun-room. I have had some cuttings for a few years that finally got up-graded to a 1 gallon pot a year ago and they have really grown a lot. I will put them in 2 gallon pot this week.

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