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Victoria Harbour, ON

Moving us over from January..


Been quite a month for us all..regardless of what we have been up to Iím sure we are please to see February!

I for one accomplished much 8n January, sure hope February is much the same,

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Getting close to having a sewing area. Got in touch with QOV quilters here.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Karen, if you don't already know, QOV is having a national sew say tomorrow. It is for anyone that wants to make blocks or quilts. Fill out the form today, and sometime throughout tomorrow someone will randomly call whoever is registered and give them prizes.
Go to my Facebook page, and click on the link. You have to register by today to enter.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread.
Hard to believe we still have scammers on the last page selling things.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Was tempted to open it but didnít..did say thank you just incase it wasnít a scammer..

Hurry hurry to lindakayís page to register, would it be nice if one of you won something.

Great news Karen, we will need to see photos of your new sewing room digs!

If I go to town today they have painters tarp 8x14í for $30, want to pick one up and see if itís a tether quality.

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

I know all about it Linda, but still no sewing for me. Getting closer but still a while.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I regretfully turned in my request for a different office space. I LOVE my office, large and bright but my sweet coworker is SO loud and we are RIGHT NEXT to the break room. the noise is making it very difficult to focus or hear. A coworker is leaving end of Feb and her space will be available. I know others have asked for it but I am sure there is no one who has asked that has more seniority than me.....

Smaller office, not as bright, much smaller actual desk but QUIET office mate and much quieter area of the office. I would NOT have the office to myself one day a week like I do now, (she works 8 hour days) but I'd have every work day from 4 to 5.30 alone, THAT would be as good as whole day once a week, maybe even better!!

Made the decision today and sent the boss my request. Left a note for my current office mate explaining. I love her to death but she is ssoooooo loud!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ohhh and how did she take that Pat? Is difficult when you need to concentrate and someone is yakity yaking all the time. Hope you get it.

Went to town and got all I needed for the weekend as not only has Mother Nature sent us 3í of snow but they are saying freezing rain for the next few days so Iím hoping I can get the solstice quilt blocks all appliquťd ..that is my goal but sometimes goals are achievable and other times not lol

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ohh forgot to say I bought a painters floor cloth 8íx14í for more split monogram name pillows..hope the texture is a tad nicer than that from Home Depot but likely same manufacturer just different oackaging..figure Iíll get as many pillows as I need out of this tarp..$30 so likely $3.50 a pillow cover.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Although snow will arrive around noon Iíve no shovelling to do so will start with washing the floor cloth then get at appliqueíing.

What is in your plans for the day?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Love how these pillows turn out

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful pillow. Glad to hear you get a break from shoveling.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Pillow is a good match for the design in your couch. Have a great stay-in week end.

Victoria Harbour, ON

What are you all up to, hoping something more excit8ng than I lol

Just cut my paint tarp up, thinking I might get 11 pillows, really an inexpensive gift seeing I make my own inserts. Hope Walmart has stocked upon bed pillows for $3.79 😜

Victoria Harbour, ON

Got 11 kits out of the tarp, am happy with that.

Now that I see texture and Color of this fabric Iíll put the other 2 pillows I did for the boys away for someone else on my list and doing them another..have one embroidered and just started 2nd.

Now to tidy and start doing Applique

Out of that large tarp this is all that remains lol

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

THAT's what we all like to see... scraps, throw a way scraps ONLY!!!

The pillows are beautiful, really classy looking.

I hope to pick up the van this morning and then we have lunch in Yakima (2 hours away).

Youngest got a new job and I will likely see if I can get him to meet me at local sporting goods store so we can jerry-rig a shoulder pad to protect his shoulder when carrying doors.

Hope to get a little more work done in the computer room/single bedroom. Not likely but I can hope!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I think I forgot to say I am looking at van with wheelchair lift to make transporting Ben easier. No more lifting his chair in and out of the trunk of a car or pickup.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Oh Pat, wouldnít that be the cats meow..his own lift, one less furry for you..hope you get it.You are innovative,am sure you will think of something for your son.
A full day indeed..

Oh my where to heck did I go wrong, oh I know, opened a cupboard to look for something, few minutes later everything is messy, projects unfinished, thinks I could do..found a quilt top over 50 years old aunt Muriel did, background fabric I think gauze, squares done by an elderly lady she knew who passed on,brought it for me, squares donít match at seams but I could add some starts or something 9n worse parts and do it up, would look ok,some cheater quilts, a bunch of Christmas blocks, guess when I was showing some girls how to make them Iíd cut up any size block and none are same size but I could fake a pattern, then box after box of supplies this one heck of a mess, guess I wonít be doing Applique today.

Jeff is in coll8ngwood skiing, said he will drop in after skiing, want him to check the snowblower to see if itís worth fixing, Iíve had it New for about 6 years, used it twice, maybe it would be seized, we will see..

Best I have left over Chinese then go back and organize

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Victoria Harbour, ON

More mess..found some white diamond pre quilted fabric with plastic on one side, was saying I should have a catch all for embroidery machine seeing there are so many threads that get on the floor,doesnít have to be fancy, see what I can do with that

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

My sister made a funky little thing that is weighted and hangs on the edge of table to drop all the threads etc into. very nice, maybe she'll make ME one! LOL

Now THAT looks more like normal for me!! 1,000s of things out at once. Sadly mine rarely make it all back in properly put away and sit out and collect dust while MORE stuff gets piled on it... I am TRYING HARD to turn over new leaf.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Almost tidy, was glad that I had gotten a few cheap space bags at $$$ store, need a few more and all fabric not likely to be used on one of my projects can be stored in one of the fabric cupboards and not in these.

Jeff is coming later so I managed to squeeze a pill W for him..have them down pat, with embroidery done no more than 1/2 hour to completion.

Made an error, came up for muffin and a coffee, made myself comfy..not a good thing so this gal is going to say Ďself get your butt off the couchí lol

Would love to see her thread catcher..I have something at all the machine including Matt that holds Misc..will make something to my liking but todayís quickly put something together..

Now pat you have me interested in your sisters project,can you have her take a photo??pkease please

Well, ate my muffin, going to do maybe another hours work then call craft room off limits.

Sister in law Suzanne comes in the morning to work on her quilt, while she does Iíll work on mine.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Calling it a day...

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Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Ok ladies, give me your honest opinion. How does it look so far. I may change a few pieces yet. The longer I look, the more pieces I want to change but I have no idea which ones to switch. Ideas??

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Ruth, that is beautiful.

Betty, it takes me a week to pull things out like you did, and get them put away again.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Omg Ruth, Iím in awe, absolutely stricking..do not change a single block..what size will it be

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

I will just be a wall hanging, maybe 4 x 6. You don't think it's too 'bottom heavy'? I wondered if I should put more color on the top. Always changing my mind....

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I would not change anything. It is absolutely beautiful.

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

Thanks ladies!! I think I will call it good and put it together. I used painters tape on the rows, so it shouldn't take me long to sew it up. I have some leftover panel rows to use as the borders. Now I have to figure out how to put a sleeve on the back for a dowel to hang it. I'm sure it won't be too hard.


Ruth - it's gorgeous!! Don't change a thing!!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

We picked the van up for the weekend, drove to Yakima (2 hours away). The van was a nightmare. I am NOT used sitting up that high, it is NOT comfortable to get into and the seats don't fit me and cut into the back of my thighs from being too tall. NO overhead lights that I could find. One of the most miserable trips to Yakima I have ever made. Because of the configuration, Ben is forced to stay in the wheelchair and NO way will he be able to climb up into the seat so it's wheelchair or nothing. Guess we keep looking. Too bad, it's in beautiful conditions, bright red and only 93K miles, great tires etc etc. there's a less expensive, older van with more miles with lift in Walla Walla (an hour away). We'll check that one.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sorry to hear the van did not work out.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Ruth if I remember correctly I did the method into a table runner, you will have tp let me know how you did the hexagon type block, I have trouble sewingthem together.

Oh Pat hw disappointing, would have been wonderful seeing such low mileage, better you found out now than later..good luck on nextone.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Here is a video that show's how they go together.


Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Ruth I think it looks perfect as it is.
Betty I'm thinking you sew three triangle together and then the other three, next sew the two halves together. NO Y seams. Here I am saying it's simple when I haven't even tried it.
I'm getting so antsy to sew, fearing I won't be able to get my two projects done in time. I hate missing deadlines even self imposed ones.
Baby quilt not so critical as T-shirt quilt so will do it first if I get to sew at all.

Boonies, SD(Zone 4b)

I lined up the rows with the half hexagons. If you sew the rows using the half hexies, you can line up the rows and sew them all the way down without having to do any Y seams. Otherwise, you will be doing Y seams on all of them. I'm rotten at Y seams. I don't know about sewing to the panel yet. I will have to find something on youtube.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thank you girls, will look up that tutorial LIndakay, canít imagine picking of prints to look as beautiful as Ruth's but I will make an effort..on my list of to doís.

Been up early, household chores done, my jar to do done, was cleaning front deck, did and almost looks spring like so now itís play time.

Itís foggy and rain8ng, will have to concern myself about flooding now instead of shovelling, here is hoping it wonít happen..

I spread ice salt along basement entrance, Janice and Helene are suppose to come this morning, oerhaos they will change their minds..

I have all my solstice quilt blocks appliqued, now itís adding batting and quilt then putting it together..this weeks goal is finish8ng it,binding and all.

Yesterday Suzanne worked on her quilt blocks,mi did 2 embroidered monogram pillow tops and found when cleaning a bag of fabric pieces that John had done a quilt for his grandson, was enough for me to make a pillow..

Not sure what I shall do w8th all the pillows but am sure they will go to good home.lol

Pat sent me a photo of her peacock panel we did last week, she quilted it in linear lines, just needs bind8ng..love it

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I love that peacock panel.

Whidbey Island, WA(Zone 7b)

Hello everyone!
We've got snow! Like almost 6" of snow! Hardly ever happens here. We had a front come down from the Frazer River Valley and it dumped on us. I'm loving it. The hubby gets an extra day off work because they closed the base down. They don't have the equipment to keep the roads cleared, only the runways and they're scrambling to do that. So it's key & essential personnel only and watch standers. Woohoo!

I can't believe the beautiful things you ladies do and make. Betty your pillows are amazing. I would never have thought to use painters drop cloth for fabric but now that I see them done they are prefect! I have several cloths but they all have paint on them bc we've been doing home remodeling for almost 3 years now. We're close to the end. Once the garage conversion is done and I'm out there with my sewing studio all the major projects will be done.

I'll tell you I'll never live in a house during a renovation ever again! The dirt, dust, constant moving this here or over there to make room for this ladder or that whatever is just more than I can take. The kitchen was the worst of all. I thought I'd go out of my mind having to fetch a can of something or another herb or spice from this box or that one while the kitchen was being done. We lived on sandwiches and foods I could make in the IP because even trying cut up vegetables or slice meat was a Herculean feat. Once the counters got put in it got a tab bit better but I was about at my wits end during this mess.

Oh Pat, I'm sorry the van didn't work out. I know your misery. I took care of my Mum and had to use a paralift van to do it. My heart goes out to you. My mum couldn't sit up straight anymore, had to be in a zero gravity chair and it was very spread out, not compact. It was so hard. I had to do it by myself for the most part. My husband was always deployed and not here to help. My siblings are older than I am and they couldn't/wouldn't help. I finally got my sister to at least drive for me. I did all the physical wrestling with things and did the caring of Mum but I shamed my sister into driving the van for me when I had to take Mum to the doctor or to hospital for tests.

Ruth, your project is PERFECTION as it is. Don't change a single block! It's absolutely stunning. I'm excited to see the final product. I don't think I could ever put such a beautiful thing together like that.

Betty, I had a question about your ironing station. I really like it. Was thinking something along the lines of yours but I'm wondering what the dimensions of the ironing board itself is? Is it made of 5/8 plywood? Depending on how much room I have once I have my sewing machine cabinets, cutting station and supply cabinets in place I am hoping to use a bathroom pullman cabinet as my ironing station but if I don't have the room for it, I like yours very much. Those stack on cabinets wouldn't be hard to do then use angle pieces to secure the ironing board onto the stackables. Did you make the top yourself? I've read about wrapping the board in layers of cotton batting then covering with mattress ticking or that metalisized fabric for ironing boards.

Well, it's off to the showers for me. I've been lazy long enough. I need to challenge the laundry monster to a wrestling match. Let's see who wins!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Afternoon, day sure is going by, girls did c9me and were thrilled, Helene finished her grandsons reading pillow and Janice her split monogram name pillow..got to talking about boots, Janice said there was a sale in midland over the weekend, 1/2 price, ran and got a pair..not cheap reg $210 on for $105.00

Also picked up 10 space bags, going to organize fabriccupboard and maybe project bag, this afternoon Ďto doí hoping all my pillows will fit in a couple bags, donít need them until Christmas lol

Babs, not the easiest looking after an ag8ngparent, God bless you, seems itís like that 8n every family, usually left up to one and not always the one most able health or financially.

Yes I made the unit..bought the cupboard unit at Home Depot, made the top to overlap the cupboard, put a piece of wood at each end and side to more securely fit it on the cupboard. I had an old blanket, spiece of sponge and layered them, then I bought at Joannís the heat cover yardage at Joannís..itís on a bolt

Iíll take dimensions once I go downstairs after lunch..really works right and I find perfect height

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(Sue) South Central, IA(Zone 5a)

Hello everyone!

Ruth, don't change a thing, it is stunning!
Betty, WOW you have snow! Ours is 98% gone, from 20 inches on the ground to nothing but the drifts in just 2 1/2 days.

Finally was able to get up and take the granddaughter to pick out her material for her pillowcase. She is 7 and sewed all but 1 seam on the serger by herself! ( I did the burrito seam)

She didn't pick anything her mum and I thought she might pick, went for a soft teal with an allover rose pattern with light silver highlights and then an abstract feathery leaf design in the darker teal for the highlight fabric. Only took an hour and 20 minutes, which i thought was pretty quick for a 7 year old!

Sorry about the sideways photo....

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