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Tea Olive Osmanthus fragrans spots

Birmingham, AL

I received 2 tea olive trees today. 1 had spots all over it with a hard white crust on top. Could someone tell me what this is? I am afraid to plant it in case it spreads to my other 8 mature tea olives. It seems to be mostly affecting the bottom leaves so didn't know if it could have been caused from shipping.

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Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I really do not know what is wrong. The white crusting makes me wonder if something like fertilizer was spilled on it and burnt it where it landed.

But the spots are reminiscent of fungal disease. Are there spots on the stems too?

Google Anthracnose on olive leaves and you will see similar spotting.

Here is an article on it.

If that did not scare you here is another article with similar spots.

For sure I would not put it near your other trees. Some things are transferred by bug bites which can fly across the yard.

Can you return them? I sure would try.

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Birmingham, AL

Thank you so much! I will definitely return them and try to buy elsewhere.

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