Climbing roses in pots

Hello. I am getting a large terrace and desire very much for a climbing rose to go up the wall of the house. I hope some gardening nerds on here will be able to help me out.

I wondered if anyone had any experience with climbing roses in pots ? My terrace is large and I can therefore get a very large pot to accomodate the rose bush if need be. I hope the root system is not entirely proportional to the size of the plant.

Furthermore, I wish to know which climbing roses (suitable for parisian climate, I believe it is a "zone 8") grow the fastest as I am an impatient person and wish for my terrace to be transformed into a fairy tale castle as quickly as possible. I am not fussy about the colors. The terrace is very sunny and faces south so protected from northern winds. I will also be planting a passion flower plant which I am told is very strong willed and generally does very well.

Barlavington, United Kingdom

Wow, this topic is literally similar to my situation. I, too, bought a plot that had a terrace on it. The overall condition of the plot was terrible, with grass and potholes everywhere as if it had been bombed. First I took about a year to renovate the house, and then I started renovating the terrace. I decided to grow shrub roses, I tended them for a long time, but they died. I made many attempts this article made it possible for me to buy a good fertilizer. At first, it didn't seem to work, but it did, and now my roses please me every day.

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Burt, NY

Thanks drexelhub for sharing the information. The fertilizers look helpful. I definetly use this fertilizer is my greenhouse
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