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Kensington, NY

Hey, I am not sure who to send this to, or to the attention of, but here is the glitch situation the catchpa is NOT working. i tried six times to send a message and the it still sent me a new catchpa to try. No good.
I was trying to send a message asking how I can avoid the pop up topical videos from poping like that. I click on an article chiefly to read. Nothing against the topical videos,( they are very good) but I just want to chose to view them.

Also, I am trying to work out why I can't auto log in from my email anymore. I can enter my username and pass each time but I wouold love not to have to do it.

Thanks, I hope I can at least save this in my drafts if I cannot post it! Heather Y.


To contact our helpdesk, follow this link:

Where are you encountering a captcha that you are unable to solve?

If your browser is no longer auto-filling your username/password, try clearing the cache and cookies for Dave's Garden. When logging in again, your browser will ask you if you would like to save the password. Be sure to select "Yes"

Kensington, NY

Thanks for the hint on the auto login. I will do that. That might not be the best online security ever but this is a garden website after all, not the Defense Department...
The problem was not my ability to read any of the 6 catchpas, I filled it in exactly as it was printed in the image each time, it just did not send my message. In other words it gave me a new one because it treated my exact duplication of what it offered as wrong.
cheers, Heather

Where are you encountering a captcha? You seem to have a registered account already so I'm unsure as to what part of the site is providing you with a captcha.

Saint Maries, ID

The problem I often find with captchas in general is that one can't tell the difference between a capital O and the number 0. That's where I get tripped up with captchas. When there are letters and numbers together, and one is either an O or a 0, which is it? Another issue with them is that sometimes the font that's used is unreadable. Captchas are a pain, but I understand why they're needed.

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