New Home Owner Landscaping Needs Advice!

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Hello, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I was looking to get some advice or feedback on what I could do in this area of my yard.

I purchased a new home and its time to address the yard, I pulled out what I believe is a fern (see photos) in this area of my yard. Upon doing so I found a bunch of little rocks and that seemed to be under almost what felt like a layer of sod, I don't believe it was sod but a layer of dirt came out as a big piece exposing all the little rocks.

I live in Florida so we go thru a rainy season, if you look by the roof you will see there is a metal spout that helps to drain the water from the roof. I believe that is why all the bigger stones were put there, to possibly not flood the area?

When it rains, the water does tend to puddle up right in this area. Also this area sees little to no sun.

My concerns are, do I need to put some kind of base layer down over this dirt? Also was just hoping to get some ideas as to what one would do with an area like this.

Pavers, mulch, concrete slab, etc.?

Thank you guys and sorry if this is not in the right place.

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Austin, United States

You can add green turf.

Northampton, PA

Follow these tips to create a better landscaping area-
1. Change the soil.
2. Add a layer of much over dirt.
3. Plant landscaping plants that donít require more sunlight. (In rainy season, mulch will absorb water and prevent landscaping plants.)
4. Pull out weeds in the landscape area.
5 Create a lush green lawn by applying proper lawn care methods.
Learn lawn care tips at, SGPNow:

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