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Victoria Harbour, ON

We came from here

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Best you get it checked are suffering big time when there could be an easy fix.

I should talk, right wrist has been bothering me all week, this aft I decided that I thought I had a wrist bandage and sling, went to look for it under the zinc..drats, Ziggy is not doing hopes job, lifted my neck aid filled with iron oats that A little mouse must have gotten into..seed all over grrr

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Is that for heating and putting on sore areas? I have one filled with rice, maybe critters won't like that. We keep ours in the freezer. That way it's ready if we need cold compress and only take a min. or two in the Microwave to make it warm.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yes that is what it is for..made my froggy forever same, as likely wonít get at it lol
Just got back from town, needed tensor bandage, time to give it a break.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new room. Sorry to hear you are hurting. I hope your new device helps.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Those bunnies are adorable! I got the 2nd coat of stain/poly on the King headboard. If I'm satisfied with the way it looks tomorrow, I can put it in place. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is turning out. Eager to get it in place and take pictures.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Anxious to see photos..surely you are nearing the end and you can play..

LIndakay checked tracking for a pkg I sent to Winnipeg, return of clamps for larger ones mailed Friday and only in Toronto, at that rate your pjs with Mickey Mouse panel will take a: month to get to you.

Greg came tonight to install new tv, so funny, he said I have no patience, he was trying to code remote with about 40 codes given for rca, I kept saying letís call anyway ends up I have to use tv remote to turn tv off and on and for volume, not a big thing but should have to..shish I thought I had mega patience.

Canít seem to sleep tonight,

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

No hurry on the Mickey mouse panel. Sometimes I think the post office plays games with the package.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Wow, been a busy one,with sun shinning in I decided that dusting needed doing..then of course a little decorating..took one panel down, yuk hate the looks of the years at this time.

Ran into midland, mom is coming up tomorrow or Friday and the tv from my bedroom was in her room and the old heavy tv that got replace in her room were in a corner, know how she is, likely get up during the night and trip so it wasnít easy but I got them into the car and to the dump near Penetanguishene, glad that is done...of course needed to go look in shops like a zillion other people, bought new yellow blouse, new 5x7 rug for back deck..wonít put it out until after momís gone as she says her dogs [email protected] sigh..oh well, been awhile since mom has been here, think since thanksgiving so Iíll have to deal with it.

A trip to back shed to find tote filled with easterdecor, have the prettiest bunnies..

Looking at the clock and itís time to run again, getting perm, last one didnít last so will ask her to put smaller rods,Iíll be a frizzy old grandma for a week or so.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Why did your Mom get a dog that isn't potty trained? Lots of work for her.

Victoria Harbour, ON

She didnít really get Christmas they found him virtually freezing outside, took him in trying to find owners to no avail..number in chip was called, said they know nothing about a dog,think it was abandoned..she didnít want to take it to an agency 8ncase they put her down.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

WormsLovSharon Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a) 4m ago

Mar 27, 2019

I did about 2 hours of working the garden today. I have been moving forward daily a task of clearing out a patch of weed flowers. I was going to do it when my gardening was done for the day. I decided today to do it first. Then I took the moss sedium and transplanted it to the front area. I did a lot of digging in the area I was planning on transplanting the moss and found a large mass of water roots from the near by Sumac. So I had to remove them and the ever growing purple clover weed before I could transplant.

My daughter's best friend's mother died last year and she gifted me her walker. It was brand new. I already have Vern's walker but this one is a jewel. It has larger wheels and the seat is canvas. Easy to clean and great for getting around the landscape because of the size of the wheels. I took a photo today and sent it to my dsughter's friend so she could see it was being used and appreciated.

Couple of photos are cloudy. Some how I got water in between my water proof cover and my I Phone. It is finally drying out. I have no idea how to get the cover off.

Vern is better today. Yesterday was not a good day. So relieved this morning to see him alert.

First photo is transplanted sedium and second photo is walker with the larger wheels.
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I copied this from Fireside chat. Daughter will be here in a moment to help but Vern to bed. The day just flew by.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, rain has not started yet bit will shortly, it might wash away some of the is long as itís a light rain there will be no flooding.

Oh SHaron what a novel idea, would never have though to use the wheel chair for gardening, might start going to garage sales in looks of one. Listening to all your gardening projects wouldnít think there is much more for you to do but watch the gardens come alive..ok maybe regular maintenance but most of hard labour is done??

Guess itís time to head downstairs to pass the day, few things I can finish or start lol

Looked at weather forecast, wouldnít you know they are calling for snow Saturday, Iíll have to check USA side before I go..sure am glad I didnít get snow tires off..did make an appointment though for April 12th and Greg got me to change tire shops, the new one will store my winter need for me to be lugging the back and forth..for this they charge $79.01

Coffee is done, yikes I ate 2 hot cross buns while sipping, Iíd best go light on lunch

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Sharon, leave your phone in a bucket of dry rice and that will help pull out moisture

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Leave it for several days, it really does work but needs a few days.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, overcast day, say it will reach 39..tomorrow itís now mopixture of snow and rain, rain in debbieís Neck of the wood so should be ok for travelling stateside tomorrow.

Talked to mom, she had a bit of a cold but is still planning on coming, I expect her around noon.

Nothing too exciting today, going to take a quick run to foodland, soup for lunch and muffins to go with coffee then Iíll bring up step ladder to take a panel off from back deck.figure one panel a day and Iíll have that job done then I guess itís another play downstairs..

Playing while I can as soon it will be outdoor work.

What are you up to today?

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Is your Mom going stateside with you.
I am working on lap quilts for the nursing home. I need to run and get some batting, and then I can sew them together. I have 8 ready to sew.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Mom just called, she was at walk in cl8nic, sicker than a dog so will not come..she wasnít coming with Sharon and I..she wanted to spend time with aunt Muriel and uncle don (sister/brother) who both are very unwell.

No need for me to go out today, did foodland this morning and filled my car with gas, what a shock,...shaking my head, liquid gold it should be called.

Youíve been busy LIndakay..they will be so appreciative.

Just love peeking in totes after theyíve been stored all year..cutest little bunny I found, she looks lonely, know I bought her at Christmas tree store, guess I will look for a mate for her lol

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Not unless you want LOTS of bunnies!! LOL

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Oh Betty, watch those bunnies, they can really multiply.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Too funny

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful bunnies.
Sorry to hear about your Mom. Seems so many are getting the crud.

I was at my family dr. yesterday, and she told me to be careful going out. With so many illegals coming through our border, and many of them are sick with measles, chickenpox and other diseases they haven't seen in years. She said several are in the hospital with scarlet fever.
How much is your gas? It is $2.29 a gallon here.

Victoria Harbour, ON

If Iíve done calculations right Iíd say we are paying $4.83 a gallon.
Did you get what you needed to finish the lap quilts?
Did you get needles for a lot of these things you mentioned. Hope so

Had a visit from a friend I hadnít seen in awhile, she brought me a big box of glass to use in my stained glass..soon going to have to get back to stained glass for awhile and start using it up.. Hmmm maybe making window hangings using scraps is what Iíll have to start I clean off my stained glass working station!


I went & twisted a musle in my lower back (when I woke up yesterday?) and bowled in the afternoon - shouldn't have done that. By the end of the 3rd game, I was in tears. Nope, didn't bowl at night, but knit & watched my DH bowl. Still got to visit with our friends. I'm doing better now, cuz I went to the pharmacy between bowlings, and got some 10% Voltaren, and a muscle relaxant which I took at bedtime. Still feels a little "delicate" but I'll be fine.
Bought some tomato plants (6) yesterday & they're in the sunny south-facing bedroom window. Also got some geranium plants (4)
Got a deal on an arch for our yard. I plan on planting some cottoneasters across my yard, and to the right of them I'll put the arch leading to the back 1/2 of the yard, so it'll look like a proper front & back yard rather than a long "bowling alley" (wider than one, but you get the idea) where you see from front to back. It's really a side yard, with no fence at the front.
I'm SO pleased - the arch I was talking about - saw it at our local Home Hardware, and it's last year's (or many years) stock, so they're cutting the price from $200 to $120!! Just have to figure how to get it home Whistling Hilarious! It's too wide for our Chevy Cobalt and it's been assembled for so long that the fellow figured that the bolts might fall apart if it's disassembled. It's a nice black one. I'm thrilled to be able to "pretty up" our back yard with shrubs & an arch

Betty - sorry to hear your mom's sick. Hope she gets better soon.
Wheel chair for gardening - I've used my walker for carrying stuff, pushing it - smart idea to use the wheelchair.

Heading to the dentist - looking forward to seeing what my senior plan will pay for. Hope they pull all my teeth & give me dentures. Before you say "no, keep your teeth", know that they're really bad & need to get rid of them.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Hope you are feeling better soon Susan.
I had to get batting. Walmart had a 9 yard bolt, 90 inches wide, for $6.47,a yard. So I bought that, as well as 5 yards of black fabric, and needles.


wow - what a deal, LK!!


Back's feeling fine - just needed some rest.
Teeth are another matter, and oh hey - I'm very happy! After years of my saying that my specific meds are causing problems with the enamel on my teeth (confirmed by Drs & dentists - taking these meds since I was 13), they are now bad enough that the dentist is taking out all my top teeth, and all but the 6 front bottom teeth & I'm going to get dentures! Hooray - I will have a nice smile again!! About ruddy time!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

WOW. What meds did that to your teeth?




I have an appointment with the Denturist on Apr 15/morning, and he'll take a look at the x-rays. Then I'll go to the dentist and she'll take 2 teeth out on top, and 1 on bottom. Then we'll coordinate with the dentist & denturist - I'll get the balance of my top teeth out & go same day to the denturist to get my top & partials for the bottom - the dentist will put them in and the denturist will adjust them. I'm thinking that we're talking - end of April I'll have my new teeth.
Total of dentist visits = 3, and total of denturist visits = at least 2, maybe more to adjust the "feel".

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Explain the difference between the two please. My phone won't let me spell it. I have never hear of a d e n t u r I s t.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

denturist is NOT a licensed dentist but is authorized and skilled at fitting dentures. THAT is the only work they do. Some states allow them, some don't.

I can understand how excited you are about the arch! I had a beautiful metal arch until Ben lost his balance going off the patio and grabbed it, bent it all to heck.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks Pat.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Drats, wrote a long post, made a coffee and Mel is here working on her rag quilt,lost the post, will post in a bit

Winter wonderland out there..went out to shovel earlier and was so heavy I changed my m8nd and said Iíll wait till spring lol


My denturist will make the dentures & on the day my dentist takes out the last of my teeth, will fit my dentures in. First though, I'll take him the picture of my mouth as it is, and he'll take measurements so he can make a cast of the areas my dentures will fit into.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Here, they fill your mouth with goo, that forms to a stiff rubber. That makes a cast of your teeth, and then the dentures or single tooth can be made.


wonder how they'll do mine? Bob said, for him with no teeth just the old dentures, that they had a cast tray they put in his mouth, and took a cast of that?!
I suppose I'll find out, in 15 days.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, snow again last night, not an April Fools joke...sharonís Birthday today, I joke she is catching up to me.

Susan I had my teeth out and teeth put right in, back in the day dentists employed staff to make dentures,had I to do it again I would have left my moth heal so would have fit properly. A mouth full of guck to take imprint.

Not much going on, I was so sore yesterday that once Melanie left I dozed off, must have needed it!

Been up since 3, instead of laying in bed watching movies I decided Iíd getup and be productive..Iím not far from finishing my spring pillow, itís been laying about for a few years, maybe winter will see it and say bye bye

While Melanie was here she told me the young man that stabbed Noah is back in jail, because of being a young offender he got little to nothing for stabbing and nearly taking Noahís life..anyway he was on probation, think he had to stay at vone of those youth homes for a year, well they found alcohol,drugs and knives so now back in prison, will be in regular jail as he is now an adult..think he also had confrontation with police so another court date.

Melanie is going to Toronto Wednesday, Noah has a phychiatrist appo8ntment..he is still going through much,glad he has decided to seek help. A worry right??

What are you all doing today?

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Sad to say it sounds like that young man will probably spend most of his life behind bars. Chances are his life will be a short one. sad, sad.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I agree Karen. Some just can't stay out of trouble.

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