Hello and Happy to be here!

I've lurked Dave's Gardens quite a bit, and I've finally decided to make an account. I mainly grow medicinal plants, but I also love a bit of everything. I'm happy to be here and if I can be of any assistance to anyone please don't hesitate to ask me!

Kihei, HI

I just joined the site and I see by the date you joined only in April, have you spent much time researching on this site?

That is wonderful to hear you grow medicinal plants, where is this world do you garden?

I trust plants for natural cures and health WAY over pharmacy drugs

Fairfax, VA

Judging from the traffic on this Welcome Mat board, and other boards here at Dave's Garden, the loudest noise seems to be crickets.

I picture, in front of an old 15" CRT, a dusty skeleton surrounded by spiderwebs and two fingers wrapped into the handle of a dusty ole' Dave's Garden coffee cup.

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