Trouble with Carpenter Bees

Elizabeth City, NC(Zone 8a)

Hi all! My good neighbor loaned me a trap for these pests. Can anyone tell me the best place to hang it; in shade or sun...or does it make a difference? Thanks!

Elizabeth City, NC(Zone 8a)

Got a photo of Carpenter Bee Trap, now where to put it?

Thumbnail by sedumlovr
Minot, ND

From -
"For the best results, hang or mount the traps on the corners and peaks of your structure. Carpenter bees love the warmth, it is perfect for mating, so be sure to hang the traps on the sunny side of your structure. Each trap will typically have a 15 foot working radius so make sure you get the proper amount to protect your structure. Hang multiple traps and treat any holes by clogging them with plugs, cork, putty or even a caulking compound."

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