Ant Identification

Columbia, MD(Zone 6a)

Good afternoon.

I'm trying to identify this likely common winged ant. Coming out of driveway area in Howard County, Maryland.

Thank you!

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Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I am no expert but they look like termites to me. Termites come out like that in spring.
Google termites and compare to yours.

Here is a good article on them

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Minot, ND

Definitely NOT termites - these all are male ants that I cannot identify to species. See if you can find and photograph some females.

Columbia, MD(Zone 6a)

Thanks Flapdoodle. First post scared me. It seemed like the winged ants were interacting with the orange ones (I think I caught one in one of the photos).

Minot, ND

Some species in the genera Formica and Lasius have yellowish-orange females and black males, but again, a specific i.d. is not possible from these images.

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